New Paintings

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I spent 4 and a half years at my studio in the loft of an outbuilding on the cobblestone stable yard of Hillsboro’ House at the top of Stanford’s Hill in Coldblow in west Dublin. That’s four and a half years making marks with paint on the wall closest to where I painted my pictures.

In the final couple of days in my Coldblow studio I videoed close up my painted wall, for me mostly because I always looked at the wall using it for reference, for problem solving, and to lift me. This is that video. It’s 3 minutes and 20 seconds. 4 and a half years into 3 and a third minutes:

I always stacked paintings in progress up against the walls around me such that they made a collage of where I was currently at, a wall of progress I called each one. Sometimes the wall of progress against the studio wall that I kept adding my marks to was such that that the relationship of those marks to a finished painting was very obvious.

3 years before this video Markham Nolan visited me in Coldblow and produced a video of me in my studio (stictly speaking it’s more an audio slideshow)

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