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Linking The Love

Time to share. Though really it’s to acknowledge those who’ve shared.

  • Yesterday Markham Nolan paid a visit to my studio in relation to a project, of which more another day. Here’s a photo of me Markham took as he finished up and I showed him my favourite position in my studio while pointing at County Kildare.

  • Rather a lot of people on Tumblr have blogged, re-blogged, and liked my sketch of Genoa that I did while visiting friends in Italy. I’m not sure why I made it enlargeable to a size bigger than the original Moleskine page though.

  • One of the nicest things somebody could say about a painting of mine was said a few weeks ago by Dena referring to a painting she bought last year. It was the 1st painting sold in my big August ‘09 online sale.

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