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Paintings - Donegal Coast

This series of 5 small paintings of the Donegal coast are being sold as one piece. [update: SOLD]

The paintings depict the north Donegal coast from Bloody Foreland mountain to Horn Head, with the islands of Inishbofin, Inishbeg, and Inishdooey off Magheraroarty, and out beyond on the horizon the fabulous presence of the island of Tory.
5 panoramic paintings of the north Donegal coast from Bloody Foreland mountain to Horn Head
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Donegal Coast 1 - In that brief spell when I lived in Donegal, the place I called home was 5km from the sea, a perfect distance for walks and cycling trips that showed off the coast. This 1st in this series of paintings features Tory Island, so dominant despite its distance from the mainland.
A painting of Donegal coast by Falcarragh with Tory Island
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Donegal Coast 2 - The islands of Inishbofin, Inisdooey and Inishbeg in north Donegal as seen from above Falcarragh. I loved watching them change in the light.
A painting of Donegal coast by Inishbofin, Inisdooey and Inishbeg Islands
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Donegal Coast 3 - Looking towards Gortahork and Bloody Foreland from beyond Falcarragh. The colours of those hills, especially in the evenings, I found were like a slide show and the coastline itself changed shape with the light.
A painting of Donegal coast by Falcarragh towards Gortahork and Bloody Foreland
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Donegal Coast 4 - Another view of the islands of Inishbofin, Inisdooey and Inishbeg in north Donegal by Falcarragh, this time seen from a lower elevation from where I used to ride my bike. Such was the light and the sea that at times any one particular island could seem like it was in a different landscape from the other two.
A painting of Donegal coast by Inishbofin, Inisdooey and Inishbeg Islands
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Donegal Coast 5 - Horn Head in north Donegal as seen from Derryreel. Beside a beautiful strand - that you can’t see in this painting - Horn Head is a fantastic rugged monster battling for attention on a coastline riddled with features I personally could paint for many years.
A painting of Donegal coast by Horn Head near Dunfanaghy
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Each painting is 30cm x 10cm (12ins x 4ins) on gallery-wrapped canvas - the 1.5cm sides of the painting are painted a solid colour complementing the blues and browns in the painting
A series of 5 paintings of the north Donegal coast fro Bloody Foreland Moountain to Horn Head

[Update: These paintings are now SOLD]
The price for the 5 paintings together is €250. (Shipping & Handling is €15 or they can be collected from my studio in west Dublin). I won’t be selling them individually or breaking them up into any other combination.

Contact me for payment details by email (, by Facebook (LiamDalyArt), or by Twitter (@eolai

I Painted a Cow

In 2001 I lived in Missouri and I painted a cow. Before London, before Dublin, Kansas City was one of the very first cities of the more than 75 chosen to host CowParade.

I submitted proposals for 2 cows, and one was chosen - “The Cow of Kells”, featuring designs and concepts from the most famous of illuminated manuscripts.

As well as painting elements found in the Book of Kells onto the cow, I tried to paint the cow overall in the style of how animals are represented in the book.

The right legs were my favourite.

Shawnee Mission Park is about 15 miles from downtown Kansas City, Missouri - over in the state of Kansas.

I painted all four evangelists on the cow, because they hang out in the book a lot. Here’s Mark:

I’ll confess to spending a couple of lunchtimes in the vicinity of my cow.

Never once did I hear how the cow was painted referred to as being Irish.

Most commonly I heard people call my cow ‘Native American’, ‘Egyptian’, and ‘Aztec’.

Painting a cow’s bum gold with three intertwined bearded men seemed like a no-brainer.

I always wished I’d taken a photo of the space where the cow had been once the exhibition was over.

I painted a large rectangular panel on either side of the cow, with one of the panels blank. Rushing to make the deadline I ran out of time before varnishing so didn’t get to write on the panel in lovely Celtic lettering, “This panel left intentionally blank”. Sleep deprived and spaced out on fumes I then slept for most of the next 48 hours.

The Cow of Kells was one of the cows that sold in the auction for charity that followed the public exhibition. See my cow on the official website

My other design, the one not chosen, was my preferred proposal - it was an abstract design featuring squares and called “Continental Cowscape”. Ultimately I used the name for a painting, and the design for a birthday card for my son.

Painting: Cobh, Cork

One of last year’s Painting Tour funding commissions was of Cobh - and when that painting is sent to America in a couple of days I’ll share it online with you. Here though, is another painting of Cobh, from a different viewpoint (a seagull’s) and unlike the one done on the tour this one was painted in the studio albeit drawing on the memories of that day’s painting in Cobh together with dozens of photographs.

painting of Cobh in County Cork
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Cobh is painted on canvas, 40cm x 30cm (16in x 12in);

As of June 2012 if you’d like to commission a painting of this size it will cost you €175 or you could have a larger painting of 50cm x 40cm (20in x 16in) for €240. Ideally it would be of somewhere I have been (or can get to without costing too much), and perhaps with a selection of photos. Please note that due to current commissions I’d be unlikely be able to complete any new commissions for at least 2 months.

Work on other current commissions including #paintingtour ones (and paintings for hosts), is making good progress. You can see all the paintings from Painting Tour here

Painting: Slieve League

A new painting, of Slieve League in County Donegal for Phyllis & Mike for their amazing hosting of me in Donegal town during last year’s Painting Tour.

painting of Slieve League cliffs in County Donegal
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I’ve been lucky and seen a lot of amazing places around the world, but no physical feature on the planet has so filled me with awe as the sight of Sliabh League.

Slieve League is painted on canvas, 50cm x 40cm (20in x 16in), double the size of most of the other canvases for #paintingtour hosting. The conversations, warmth, and food that greeted me at Phyllis & Mike’s B&B, together with the most staggering tour - which included Slieve League - are among memories I will treasure for a long time.

Work on other #paintingtour paintings, both commissions and paintings for hosts, is making good progress. You can see all the paintings from Painting Tour here

Stay at the Lismolin B&B in Donegal Town

Painting: Slemish

A new painting, of Slemish Mountain in County Antrim for Grannymar for her wondrous hosting of me on last year’s Painting Tour.

[ Buy this painting as a print or a card ]

painting of Slemish Mountain in County Antrim
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Slemish is painted on canvas, 50cm x 40cm (20in x 16in), which the eagle-eyed among you will notice is double the size of the other canvases for #paintingtour hosting. The three days of driving that Grannymar did for me last autumn were epic, heroic, and a total joy.

Work on other #paintingtour paintings, both commissions and paintings for hosts, is continuing. You can see all the paintings from Painting Tour here

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Striped Parenting

Sometimes I do small paintings and call them birthday cards.

painting of a baby zebra and a parent

New Paintings Sale - December 2011

New paintings for sale, launching at up to 50% less than regular price for a limited time. More paintings will be added up to Christmas Eve. Prices are based mostly on size. See each painting for shipping cost or collection details.

      UPDATE Jan 1, 2012 - The Sale is now finished.

And some older paintings also available for purchase:

There are also some abstract paintings which I don’t like to reduce so that I can hold onto them longer.

You could help me by telling others about them - blogging, tweeting, status updating etc. Thanks.

If you prefer not to use PayPal you can pay me direct - by cash or transfer or cheque/check. I actually prefer that as it saves me paying fees to PP, but work away on the PayPal links if that suits you best.

You can also save on shipping charges by collecting paintings from me at my studio in Lucan.

NOTE: Please let me know if you need your painting for Christmas - I’ll do what I can to get it in the post before the relevant date. If you missed the final posting date and can’t get out to my studio in Lucan, I can possibly meet you in town right up to Christmas Eve - but as I will be painting every day there are limitations (give me a shout)

Prints - Christmas 2011 Sale

In advance of my End-of-Year sale of new original paintings, you can get 30% off prints of my paintings at ImageKind.

Killarney: Print available from reduced price of approx 21 USD

Use the code 30ELF until 11.59pm EST on December 8th 2011 (which is 05.59am Dec 9 in Ireland & UK) for 30% off the prints of Ireland and the Birds/Wires series. There are currently 48 of my paintings available as prints.

Birds Wires 9: Print available from reduced price of approx 21 USD

ImageKind is a print-on-demand service. They print and post your order from the US. Unfortunately I can’t get you a print any quicker than you ordering it yourself from their site, but I am looking to switch to a service based in Ireland in 2012.

One-Day Flash Sale

[UPDATE: This sale is now finished. Watch this space for the forthcoming End-of-Year sale]

Here’s 6 older paintings reduced by 33% for just today.

I’m doing this for instantly needed funds (bike repairs, rent, food), so if you’re buying please note that payment is needed today - whether by bank transfer, paypal/credit card, or pigeon.

I don’t often do this, so the prices will be reverting to normal at the end of today and staying there through the forthcoming big end-of-year sale.

Painting: Blue September

The day after I finished my painting tour I was doing a painting workshop at the Lucan festival from where I was temporarily whisked away to Brittas Bay. The Wicklow excursion was for the Dip in the Nip for Blue September, where I was the official artist.

A night walk on the beach to get the feel of the location, and then it’s sunrise and back to the beach. A couple of hours walking, photographing, listening, and just looking, at waves, the strand, and the sky, before watching the few seconds that was the short run of naked men into the autumn Irish Sea.

painting of Dip in the Nip for Blue September

And yesterday I completed this painting of the moment and handed it over at the Blue September presentation at the sponsor Takeda Ireland in Grange Castle, Dublin.

Blue September is painted on canvas, 50cm x 40cm x 4cm (20in x 16in x 1.5in)

Blue September is a global initiative that encourages men to be more aware of their health and more pro-active in protecting themselves against preventable and treatable diseases. Blue September Ireland is involved in raising awareness of bowel, lung, prostate and testicular cancer, while fundraising for the following Irish charities; Cancer Care West, The Marie Keating Foundation, The Mater Foundation and The Mercy Hospital Foundation.