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Commissions 2013

Due to the backlog of existing commissions and slow rate of finishing paintings this year, no new commissions will be taken on until April 2014 at the soonest - and likely to be later than then. That means I’m not in a position to do any commissions for Christmas 2013.

I’m aiming to have almost all existing commissions completed by the end of 2013. They are being continually worked on and many are very close to completion - but it’s hard to predict when any individual painting will be ready - holdups are largely due to having to do new paintings to make the rent just to hang onto the studio and the business (this is all I manage - if even), the little time I get to paint now compared to years ago, and losing momentum that both of the previous reasons cause when I finally get the time.

All paintings I am currently working on, including commissions, are on the list of paintings in progress

21 Miniature Irish Landscape Paintings

21 Miniature Landscape Paintings of Ireland
9cm x 6.55cm (3.5ins x 2.5ins), Card/Paper
€45 each
Shipping/Packing €8 globally

11 paintings of Clew Bay in Mayo, 3 paintings of Bantry Bay in Cork, 4 paintings of Carrowmore Lake in Mayo, and a painting of the Magillicuddy’s Reeks in Kerry, a hill in Kerry, and of the Shannon estuary.

Miniature Landscape Paintings of Ireland incl Clew Bay, Bantry Bay and Carrowmore Lake
click to enlarge

This is 1 image showing all 21 paintings; clicking any individual painting will bring you to an enlarged image of all 21 paintings

These paintings are painted on a variety of card stock of different thicknesses. Having struggled to get the photos to look like the paintings I can tell you it’s my opinion they look better ‘in the flesh’ and they do particularly well in numbers greater than one.

NOTE: Sometimes I fall behind in marking paintings ‘SOLD’ - check with me to confirm availability.

Please NOTE the dimensions - these paintings are miniatures

If you’’d like to buy any of these paintings contact me (email, facebook, twitter DM) to pay by personal cheque/check, bank account transfer, postal order, or that stuff called cash. If you wish to pay by credit card I can send you a paypal link where you can use your credit card (but it’s my least favourite method as I have to pay fees).

Shipping, P&P
With postage included the price of €53 is what you pay in total to purchase any of these paintings and have them posted to your door anywhere in the world.

Here’s a photo of some previous miniature paintings of mine (all sold) to give you an idea of what they look like when I send them to you. For presentation I mount them so they can be easily removed, and wrap them in cellophane.

If you can’t afford these, or don’t like them, you could still help me by spreading word of their existence - by tweeting, liking, sharing, linking, emailing, or even by talking. I’d be grateful.

Other Paintings for Sale
Most of my paintings tend to sell within a short time of being posted online (where I primarily sell my paintings) so typically not a whole lot are available for purchase at any one time. I keep a page of older paintings available for purchase.

Work on current commissions including #paintingtour ones (and paintings for hosts), is continuing. Please note that due to current painting commitments any new commissions can not be completed until mid 2021.

Painting Timelapse - “Birds Wires, 10″

A short video (less than 2 minutes) of me painting one of my Birds Wires pictures from start to finish.

The painting featured is long sold.

I’d like to make more - and with far better resolution next time - but it takes a bit of organising as well as being able to see a painting through to completion in a relatively short time (days rather than years), which is not my storng point.

See other videos:

  • My Studio - Audio slideshow by Markham Nolan
  • Coldblow - The wall of my studio, painted


I spent 4 and a half years at my studio in the loft of an outbuilding on the cobblestone stable yard of Hillsboro’ House at the top of Stanford’s Hill in Coldblow in west Dublin. That’s four and a half years making marks with paint on the wall closest to where I painted my pictures.

In the final couple of days in my Coldblow studio I videoed close up my painted wall, for me mostly because I always looked at the wall using it for reference, for problem solving, and to lift me. This is that video. It’s 3 minutes and 20 seconds. 4 and a half years into 3 and a third minutes:

I always stacked paintings in progress up against the walls around me such that they made a collage of where I was currently at, a wall of progress I called each one. Sometimes the wall of progress against the studio wall that I kept adding my marks to was such that that the relationship of those marks to a finished painting was very obvious.

3 years before this video Markham Nolan visited me in Coldblow and produced a video of me in my studio (stictly speaking it’s more an audio slideshow)

Prints & Cards

I’ve updated the page on prints and cards of my paintings to reflect the move to using Redbubble - which was prompted by the ability to offer cheaper shipping to people globally, especially in Ireland and Britain where most of my customers live.

The cards are proving especially popular, priced at €2.79 for 100mm x 150mm with bulk discounts of 20% available if you buy 8 or more, or 30% should you buy 16 or more.

Prices for photographic prints start from €11.41 for a small (270mm x 203mm) as of today.

Paintings in Progress

A list of paintings currently in progress. It’s long.

Some are only an hour or so from completion. Others are closer to the other end of the spectrum. And some will have their names changed.

  1. Warrenpoint 1 - Water (commission)
  2. Warrenpoint 2 - House (commission)
  3. Warrenpoint 3 - Mountain (commission)
  4. Oughterard (commission)
  5. St. Declan’s Hermitage (commission)
  6. Ballycotton Island (commission)
  7. Dunmoran Strand (commission)
  8. The Wonderful Barn (commission)
  9. #9 Fitzwilliam Square (commission)
  10. Mayo Moment (commission)
  11. Boyne Mouth (commission)
  12. Golden Leaves 4 (commission)
  13. North Antrim (commission)
  14. Newry House (commission)
  15. Crump Island (commission)
  16. Cat, Chair (commission)
  17. Nancy Blake’s (commission)
  18. Black Arch (commission)
  19. Glenariff (commission)
  20. Galway Lines (commission)
  21. Two Little Boys (commission)
  22. Shelbourne Hotel (commission)
  23. The Claddagh (commission)
  24. Pier Head, Liverpool (commission)
  25. Poplar Sunset II (commission)
  26. Cemetary Wind (commission)
  27. Bertraghboy Bay 1
  28. Bertraghboy Bay 2
  29. Bertraghboy Bay 3
  30. Bertraghboy Bay 4
  31. Bertraghboy Bay 5
  32. Wires, 2 Rooks II
  33. Causeway Coast
  34. Connemara Boats
  35. Dalkey
  36. Passage East
  37. Heuston 3
  38. Glengariff
  39. West Cork Trees
  40. Wexford Town
  41. Wexford Evening
  42. Sheep, Derryreel
  43. Yellow Tree II
  44. Deer in the Park
  45. Sheepscape 1
  46. Sheepscape 2
  47. Sheepscape 3
  48. Blue Night
  49. Steeple, Water
  50. Stone Wall, Red Field
  51. Glenbrook 2
  52. Croaghlosky
  53. Ray Fields
  54. Glandore Bay - Adam
  55. Glandore Bay - Eve
  56. Glandore Bay - Long Point
  57. Round Tower
  58. Connemara Coast, 4 Views
  59. Castleblaney
  60. Sligo Boat
  61. Carrickmacross
  62. Dunleer
  63. Sheep Crossing
  64. Clifden
  65. Bantry III
  66. Bantry IV
  67. Innishannon
  68. The Long Walk, Gulls
  69. Riverstown
  70. Carrick-on-Shannon
  71. Longford Town
  72. Hillsboro Woods
  73. Newry
  74. Kinvara
  75. Portrush
  76. Donegal Town
  77. Leenane
  78. Listowel Square
  79. Castleblayney
  80. Clonakilty 2 (Pearse St)
  81. Cobh IV
  82. Manorhamilton
  83. Cork Harbour
  84. Derry City
  85. Bandon Bridge
  86. Boyle
  87. Skibbereen 2
  88. Drumconrath
  89. Strandhill Sunset
  90. Lord Edward Street
  91. Daniel O’Connell
  92. Mayo Mountains
  93. Derryreel Ridge
  94. Evening Bog
  95. The Cottage Field
  96. Green Bog
  97. Bog Waters
  98. Hill of Blood
  99. Crimson Bog
  100. Green Sheep
  101. Grattan Bridge from East
  102. Grattan Bridge from West (First refusal given)
  103. The Four Courts, from East (First refusal given)
  104. Landscape, Sheep 1
  105. Landscape, Sheep 2
  106. Landscape, Sheep 3
  107. Blue Field, Yellow Heather
  108. Sneem
  109. Barnesmore Gap
  110. Blue Mountains, Green Grass II
  111. Chapelizod Stile
  112. Lucan Weir
  113. Derryveagh
  114. Still Lives, Mustard
  115. #compav (a project of 103 paintings in one work)
  116. Sligo Sunset
  117. Clonakilty 1 (Rossa St) (SOLD)
  118. Cobh Boats (commission)
  119. Arran Quay (SOLD)
  120. Mayo Trees (SOLD)
  121. Birds Wires #17 (SOLD)
  122. Cashel (Sale Agreed)
  123. Sixmilebridge (SOLD)
  124. Glenbrook (SOLD)
  125. Dunguaire Castle (SOLD)
  126. Bandon III (SOLD)
  127. The Long Walk, Boats (SOLD)

As each painting becomes finished I’ll shove them down the end of the list and link them to the completed painting.

If you’re expecting a painting and you don’t see it on the list, I haven’t forgotten to do it I’ve just forgotten to put it on the list - which I’ve compiled in my head rather than in the studio where most of the paintings are. I’ll add the others when I get to the studio.

I work on a lot of paintings concurrently, for several reasons:

  • Because my studio is very cold which slows the rate of drying and I’d rather start a new painting than wait hours for paint to dry.
  • Because things get in the way of painting and the only way to regain the momentum necessary to finish those interrupted is to start new ones.
  • And because sometimes paintings just get stuck and need to be left and while that’s happening what am I going to do - apart from stare at them for months - but paint new ones?

Painting: Ballyshannon, Donegal

30cm x 25 cm (12ins x 10ins), Unstretched canvas
SOLD €145 euro (Shipping/Packing €11 globally)

A painting of Ballyshannon in Donegal. This is a view I got from the bicycle as I crossed the River Erne. The weather was, em, changeable.

painting of Ballyshannon in County Donegal
click to enlarge

Ballyshannon is painted on unstretched canvas, 30cm x 20cm (12in x 10in). Unstretched canvas is where the canvas isn’t stapled to wooden stretchers but is flat and floppy like a sheet of paper. In other words it will require framing.

Update: This painting is now SOLD.

Work on current commissions including #paintingtour ones (and paintings for hosts), is continuing. Please note that due to current painting commitments any new commissions can not be completed for 6 months (which at the time of posting is mid September).

Paintings - Donegal Coast

This series of 5 small paintings of the Donegal coast are being sold as one piece. [update: SOLD]

The paintings depict the north Donegal coast from Bloody Foreland mountain to Horn Head, with the islands of Inishbofin, Inishbeg, and Inishdooey off Magheraroarty, and out beyond on the horizon the fabulous presence of the island of Tory.
5 panoramic paintings of the north Donegal coast from Bloody Foreland mountain to Horn Head
click to enlarge

Donegal Coast 1 - In that brief spell when I lived in Donegal, the place I called home was 5km from the sea, a perfect distance for walks and cycling trips that showed off the coast. This 1st in this series of paintings features Tory Island, so dominant despite its distance from the mainland.
A painting of Donegal coast by Falcarragh with Tory Island
click to enlarge

Donegal Coast 2 - The islands of Inishbofin, Inisdooey and Inishbeg in north Donegal as seen from above Falcarragh. I loved watching them change in the light.
A painting of Donegal coast by Inishbofin, Inisdooey and Inishbeg Islands
click to enlarge

Donegal Coast 3 - Looking towards Gortahork and Bloody Foreland from beyond Falcarragh. The colours of those hills, especially in the evenings, I found were like a slide show and the coastline itself changed shape with the light.
A painting of Donegal coast by Falcarragh towards Gortahork and Bloody Foreland
click to enlarge

Donegal Coast 4 - Another view of the islands of Inishbofin, Inisdooey and Inishbeg in north Donegal by Falcarragh, this time seen from a lower elevation from where I used to ride my bike. Such was the light and the sea that at times any one particular island could seem like it was in a different landscape from the other two.
A painting of Donegal coast by Inishbofin, Inisdooey and Inishbeg Islands
click to enlarge

Donegal Coast 5 - Horn Head in north Donegal as seen from Derryreel. Beside a beautiful strand - that you can’t see in this painting - Horn Head is a fantastic rugged monster battling for attention on a coastline riddled with features I personally could paint for many years.
A painting of Donegal coast by Horn Head near Dunfanaghy
click to enlarge

Each painting is 30cm x 10cm (12ins x 4ins) on gallery-wrapped canvas - the 1.5cm sides of the painting are painted a solid colour complementing the blues and browns in the painting
A series of 5 paintings of the north Donegal coast fro Bloody Foreland Moountain to Horn Head

[Update: These paintings are now SOLD]
The price for the 5 paintings together is €250. (Shipping & Handling is €15 or they can be collected from my studio in west Dublin). I won’t be selling them individually or breaking them up into any other combination.

Contact me for payment details by email (, by Facebook (LiamDalyArt), or by Twitter (@eolai

I Painted a Cow

In 2001 I lived in Missouri and I painted a cow. Before London, before Dublin, Kansas City was one of the very first cities of the more than 75 chosen to host CowParade.

I submitted proposals for 2 cows, and one was chosen - “The Cow of Kells”, featuring designs and concepts from the most famous of illuminated manuscripts.

As well as painting elements found in the Book of Kells onto the cow, I tried to paint the cow overall in the style of how animals are represented in the book.

The right legs were my favourite.

Shawnee Mission Park is about 15 miles from downtown Kansas City, Missouri - over in the state of Kansas.

I painted all four evangelists on the cow, because they hang out in the book a lot. Here’s Mark:

I’ll confess to spending a couple of lunchtimes in the vicinity of my cow.

Never once did I hear how the cow was painted referred to as being Irish.

Most commonly I heard people call my cow ‘Native American’, ‘Egyptian’, and ‘Aztec’.

Painting a cow’s bum gold with three intertwined bearded men seemed like a no-brainer.

I always wished I’d taken a photo of the space where the cow had been once the exhibition was over.

I painted a large rectangular panel on either side of the cow, with one of the panels blank. Rushing to make the deadline I ran out of time before varnishing so didn’t get to write on the panel in lovely Celtic lettering, “This panel left intentionally blank”. Sleep deprived and spaced out on fumes I then slept for most of the next 48 hours.

The Cow of Kells was one of the cows that sold in the auction for charity that followed the public exhibition. See my cow on the official website

My other design, the one not chosen, was my preferred proposal - it was an abstract design featuring squares and called “Continental Cowscape”. Ultimately I used the name for a painting, and the design for a birthday card for my son.

Painting: Cobh, Cork

One of last year’s Painting Tour funding commissions was of Cobh - and when that painting is sent to America in a couple of days I’ll share it online with you. Here though, is another painting of Cobh, from a different viewpoint (a seagull’s) and unlike the one done on the tour this one was painted in the studio albeit drawing on the memories of that day’s painting in Cobh together with dozens of photographs.

painting of Cobh in County Cork
click to enlarge

Cobh is painted on canvas, 40cm x 30cm (16in x 12in);

As of June 2012 if you’d like to commission a painting of this size it will cost you €175 or you could have a larger painting of 50cm x 40cm (20in x 16in) for €240. Ideally it would be of somewhere I have been (or can get to without costing too much), and perhaps with a selection of photos. Please note that due to current commissions I’d be unlikely be able to complete any new commissions for at least 2 months.

Work on other current commissions including #paintingtour ones (and paintings for hosts), is making good progress. You can see all the paintings from Painting Tour here