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Peoples Art, Dublin September 2010

I’ll be exhibiting some new paintings on Stephen’s Green, on September 24-26, 2010, in the last of the 3 People’s Art exhibitions that are held every summer in Dublin.

The People’s Art exhibition is held on the railings of 3 sides of Stephen’s Green (where the Luas is, the west side, is not used).

This time I’ve been allocated Position 50 on the east side which is around the corner from the Shelbourne Hotel - I’d guess about half way up towards Leeson St/Earlsfort Terrace.

As I haven’t finished painting the pictures that will be exhibited, I can’t tell you yet what they’ll be of, but they will be at studio prices - which is the cheapest my paintings are ever priced at. UPDATE: Looking like the paintings will be of Dublin city centre, some rural scenes, and 2 new “Birds, Wires” paintings. I think.

Stop by for a goo. I’ll be sitting there with my bicycle (like last time), so say hello and see what happens. If you’re on twitter tell me who you are.

The People’s Art is on for the 3 full days of the weekend - Friday-Sunday - so I should be there from before 11am until after 6pm all 3 days, assuming the weather co-operates of course.

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