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Photo: M50 Pedestrian Bridge, Sunset

Whenever I do an overnight painting session I try to leave my studio the next day while it’s still bright. Daylight cycling being that much more pleasant and easier, it’s a reward I try to give myself for the previous night’s sleep deprivation. The painting itself usually dictates, but when I get it right I find myself crossing the M50 at sunset.

And this, with the sun setting behind me, is the view I then get of the pedestrian/cycle-path bridge over the M50 there between the N4 and the Westlink.

pedestrian bridge over Dublin's M50 at the N4
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At this stage I have a lot of photos of Dublin’s pedestrian bridges over its relatively new major roads. The metal ones tend to make the best photographs, or at least the best shapes, and I’m a sucker for the golden shine of a sunset on metal. You tend not to see that travelling faster than the speed of a bicycle.

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  1. savannah says:

    it always comes as a pleasant surprise really having a chance to see the everyday things around me when i’m walking instead of driving. thanks. xoox

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