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Painting: From Grattan Bridge

From Grattan Bridge
16″ x 12″
Grattan Bridge I’ve painted from several angles and I’m not sure which is my favourite view, but I do like the hippocamp lamps. Growing up I assumed the view east along the river would never change. That was before the IFSC, the Millenium Bridge, the Boardwalk, and George’s Quay Plaza.

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Photo: Blue Rain

A photograph that says home to me. In any decade, notwithstanding the lack of smoke on buses these days.
I love Dublin in the rain. And I love it even more when you can’t see it because of the rain.

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Photo: Pebble Dash Preparation

Shapes, patterns, lines, you know that I see them everywhere and extract them for paintings. And you know that I also like walls so much that I can look at them forever. Well I couldn’t look at this one like this forever because this was the final stage before the pebble dashing began.

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Photo: Bachelors Way

A Dublin photo of a shortcut in the city centre.
I actually quite like this wall though the photograph is all about the signs. Apply your own caption.

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Photo: Chinese Wall

Sometimes I want to take 100 photos of the same scene with a different person in it. But I never do. This pedestrian was walking too fast for me but then she probably didn’t know she was walking for me.
The better photo was the one I didn’t take, of the guy in the bright green [...]

Photo: Dublin, Wild West

In my teens I used to count 31 horses that were regularly kept in the fields near my home. In what was often an apprenticeship to joyriding, some people I knew used to try and catch them with a view to getting a free ride. Chasing somebody else’s horse would get you an awful hiding [...]

Photo: Pac Man Wheel

Took this photo today in town on Dublin’s St Augustine Street. I didn’t have my proper camera with me so this was taken using the phone, but with Pac Man and a bicycle wheel it’s too good not to post regardless of quality.

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Photo: Window Wigs

Walking down Talbot Street in Dublin I took this photo from a safe distance. Going by the price tags, good value you’ll agree.
It’s also more close to the scene I visualise when I hear the phrase “head shop”.

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The edges of this photo were trimmed to match them to the edge of the window.
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Photo: Bedford Tower, Dublin Castle

This is Bedford Tower of Dublin Castle, as seen from Christchurch Place to the west. I like that wall where Werburgh Street comes out at Castle Street, but a little bit of a tower livens things up.
My feet aren’t very happy these days, but Christchurch Place is a fine place to rest them.

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Photo: Pat in his Hat

These days I never seem to have money when I walk past Pat Ingoldsby. When I did, in a time before the monster that is Temple Bar did whatever it did to Moran’s Ha’penny Bridge Inn, there was one evening we both sat all night, pen in hand, glancing at each other under our hats [...]