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Photo: Kids, Croke Park

The great thing about having a camera with you in a yogurt tub is that it gives you an excuse to just stop and rest when you’re walking around Dublin with a sore foot.
Not that I need a reason myself but experience has taught me that just stopping to look at things without a [...]

Photo: Blue Graffiti, Orange Bag

This piece of graffiti is on the route that the dog chooses, the odd day I relent and let her pick.
You know how I feel about walls, but also, I do like an orange bag.

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Drawing: Outside a Dublin Pub

Much as I like sketching people in pubs, staring at them, even stealing a series of glances, can cause problems. Alcohol tends not to help - either party.
This drawing of outside a Dublin pub is from across the road, at a bus-stop.

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Photo: Great Drying Weather

When I lived in the heat of America, I really missed clothes lines.
The colours and shapes of clothes drying on washing lines has been a source of beauty for me wherever I’ve been in the world - from historic Italian cities to Himalayan villages. Everywhere but America, that is. For aesthetic and prudish reasons [...]

Photo: Wall, Window, Some Glass

Once upon a time I had a website devoted to nothing but photographs of walls and windows. This is because I can - and do - spend hours looking at walls. And windows.
I’m especially fond of the absence of windows, as in I love walls with no windows at all and delight in walls [...]

Photo: Smithfield Horses

Perhaps I’m just older now, but these days I find the redesigned Smithfield just as much out of place and time as a horse market in the centre of a city.
On the other hand cycling on cobblestones hasn’t bothered me since I hit a 30-mile stretch in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. That was [...]

Photo: Stag, Jackdaw

Yesterday, to deliver a painting, I cycled from the studio into town. 8 miles should be unremarkable but as I’ve yet to collect my repaired wheel I’m riding on a severe buckle caused by 3 broken spokes.
So returning home I opted for a slow photo-cycle away from the usual route of the quays, and zig-zagged [...]

Photo: Liffey, West

The scene from across the road to my studio as you look west along the north bank of the river Liffey at Lucan. This was taken as I popped down to the village for milk or bread or something else life-sustaining.
About 4 miles from where I grew up it’s where childhood walks of stealing [...]

Photo: Weir Descent by Kayak

Another scene from my bicycle in Dublin. This Liffey scene was taken a couple of days ago just as I reached my studio - the weir is across the road from the entrance to the estate where my studio is.
I stopped to watch a couple of kayakers descend and then climb back up the far [...]

Photo: M50 Pedestrian Bridge, Sunset

Whenever I do an overnight painting session I try to leave my studio the next day while it’s still bright. Daylight cycling being that much more pleasant and easier, it’s a reward I try to give myself for the previous night’s sleep deprivation. The painting itself usually dictates, but when I get it right I [...]