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The 2014 #100Paintings1Day

A 24-hour period where people are invited to tweet photos and I attempt to paint as many pictures as possible based on them, all live streamed on video (I hope).

6pm Friday 28th November - 6pm Saturday 29th November, 2014. (6pm Irish Time GMT, i.e. It’s when it is 1pm in New York, 10am in LA, 8pm in Romania, 5am the next day in Sydney, and so on)

Just me painting. Like last year, Andreea will be my organisational help in the studio.

The link to the live video stream (I hope) will be posted on my twitter account (@eolai) and Andreea’s (@brandalisms) - as will all progress/activity.

Tweet a photo you own with the hashtag #100paintings1day and I’ll pick it up. In no particular order whatsoever other than whatever I think might work for me in that moment I’ll try and paint a picture from it. I may pick the first photo tweeted in the 24 hours as the last painting or the 1st painting, etc.

I can give you 100 reasons not to do it, most of them emanating from the fact that we did this last year (and it went down very well so why not leave it alone?) but I always conceived of it as something I’d do more than once, and I’d like to do it better this time. It may not turn out that way, but I’d like to try. Your photos will be different, I imagine, and my paintings will be different, but mostly from how this year has gone I could really use an orgy of painting, and this thing - if it’s remotely like last year - is just so much fun.

Social media, for all the negative articles that people write, still has the ability to throw up moments, connections, stories, and laughs, that are wonderfully powerful. So much analysis gets lost in the media and forgets the social. I firmly believe that somebody could tweet a photo that could change my life. Or yours. I’ve been active on twitter for 7 and a half years now, and in blogging, forums, and other social media, for 7 years before that. It’s probably likely that social media saved my life. During this event the technology may not work, the paintings may not work, the appeal may not work - and that’s fine, I still think it’s worth a go.

100 Paintings?
The hashtag is aspirational, an almost mythical goal (for me given how I paint - and how slow that is in life away from this event). Last year I did 43 paintings; I’ll try to do more this year, but I may end up doing less.

Paintings for Sale?
It’s not done for money (or for charity) but people whose photos were used for paintings, as a thank you for playing along, will be offered first refusal on ‘their’ painting at €35. There is no requirement whatsoever, or even expectation, that they will. If they don’t take up the option then I’ll offer it to the general public at €45. (Those prices are €10 higher than last year - because this year I’ve to buy and prepare 100 painting surfaces - expect mount board approx 28cm x 20cm)

More Info?
Last year’s FAQ still pretty much hold - except where anything above says different. Also the blog post on how the 2013 #100paintings1day event unfolded, may shed more helpful light for you as well as show you last year’s completed paintings. Other than that just ask me on twitter.

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