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Photo: Liberty Hall, Dublin

Liberty Hall doesn’t bother me quite as much as some of Dublin’s other monstrosities of its era - specifically Hawkins House and O’Connell Bridge House - and it does at least nod towards Bus├íras, but I’m certainly ready for a new incarnation.

I took this photo while standing on Tara Street (minding my own business).

The top of Liberty Hall in Dublin as seen from Tara Street
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Because of the impact of the Loop Line Bridge on the view of the Custom House, the site is a very prominent one and will continue to feature on postcards of Dublin.

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One Comment

  1. Matt says:

    I actually don’t mind Liberty Hall that much either. The interior nods to the interior of Busaras as well.

    Hawkins House, on the other hand, should have been blown up years ago, and the architect should have been shot. I knew someone who worked in it (for the health board) and apparently it’s a horrible place to work, with more than a touch of “sick building syndrome”, ironic seeing as it’s a health board building!

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