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I paint. A full-time artist from Dublin I’m known mostly for landscapes and scenes of cities and towns, especially of Ireland.


For Sale
Older paintings available for purchase. Please note new paintings tend to sell very quickly - usually within a day or two of when completed and posted online- so nearly all paintings in the galleries are sold

In Progress
A list of all paintings currently in progress. As of December 2013 there are over 100.

Commissions Due to a backlog of requests, no new commissions are being taken until mid-2014. At that point I’ll post details of cost and procedures.

There are currently almost 200 of my paintings available as cards or prints.

Missed Out on Paintings?

Here’s a sample of some of my paintings. There are more links to paintings at the bottom of this page.

[December 2011 Sale Year End 2011 December, 2011]
[December 2010 Sale Year End 2010 December, 2010]
[Autumn 2010 Sale Latest Paintings October, 2010]
[Galway 2010 Paintings from IBA '10 Galway, March 2010 ]
[Spring 2010 New Paintings - March 2010 ]
[Year End '09 End of Year Sale Roll out of new paintings - Dec '09]
[Autumn '09 43 small paintings finished in August '09 ]
[Show Paintings from Intonations Art Exhibition Dublin April 2009 ]
[Cork '09 Paintings from IBA '09 Cork, February 2009 ]
Some Prints of paintings are now available]

Having travelled a fair bit, and lived in the US for a few years, scenes of Ireland are not the only scenes I paint. And I also paint figures and abstract paintings.

Links to new paintings, sales and specials will appear here, and I’ll organise several galleries.


  1. martha says:

    Thrilled to see the Ram leading the way!

  2. Sylvie says:

    Very lovely paintings indeed!

    Am I wrong if I think that “yellow face” looks like Ciaran Hinds?

    Greetings from France


  3. Tala says:

    Love your use of colour, especially in the paintings of houses/buildings! The bright colours really give the buildings a surreal sort of life which is very interesting.

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