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Photo: Howth From Dún Laoghaire

Howth Head. There’s better views of it, in the clearer sense, but I like the excitement you get when you first see it through something. This was a ridiculouslly nice weekend in September.
It’s impossible of course not to like walking on either pier but I like the visual mess that is Dún Laoghaire by the [...]

Photo: Mobile Pub Conversation

When you spend a lot of time thinking about going into pubs you tend to see a lot of what happens outside of them.
This Dublin pub is on Parkgate Street on the edge of Dublin’s city centre.

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Under The West-Link

A few photos for you of the stretch of the M50 that is the West-Link bridge over the Liffey Valley in Dublin. I took these underneath the motorway in a spot where, long before even the first carriageway was built, I used to play as a kid.
These were taken using the phone as I haven’t [...]

No Parking

Every day I cycle and walk past this prohibitive corner of Dublin. For years I’ve loved it, stopping to enjoy it even (though obviously not in car), and recently I thought I’d finally take a picture of it and share it with you.

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Painting Giveaway #8: A Painting of Where?

This is a picture of a painting in progress. But of where is it a painting of?
I’ll help you. Once upon a time I cycled alone across America. This is a scene from the trip. Or it will be when it’s finished. So it could look very different.
Tell me what US state it’s in, and [...]

The Doors of Dublin Lanes

Some photos I’ve taken in the back lanes of Dublin West.
There’s 40 doors in this collage, most of them garage doors. I don’t necessarily like or dislike graffiti, but I’m spellbound by painted out graffiti. Peeling wood and rusting metal I find impossible to dislike, and before all of that the painted squares and [...]