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XtraCycle - Large Canvases

For the bicycle that can carry everything, my Xtracycle enhanced bike whizzed around Dublin the other day with these 102cm x 76cm (40×30in) canvases on board helping it cut through the what Ireland was pretending was summer.
It can carry more, and carry bigger. Oh, and that’s a scanner on there too:

More of Cycling and [...]

Painting: Liffey, 6 Landmarks

Liffey, 6 Landmarks
16″ x 12″
canvas, unframed
€165 + S&H €11
Being from Dublin West, my route into and out of the city has never been a northside or southside artery but instead follows the river, along both banks of the Liffey’s quays and valley. So that’s why you’ve seen a few Dublin Liffey paintings of late, and [...]

Painting: Sheep

24″ x 12″
canvas, unframed
€225 €165 SOLD
S&H €15
This is called simply Sheep not because it’s like a Star Trek reboot of my sheep paintings, but because it’s the first painting of sheep I started - having begun it years, yes years, before Sheep, Stone Wall and Sheep, Stone Wall II.

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I like shapes. I [...]

Painting: Liberty Hall and O’Connell Bridge

Liberty Hall & O’Connell Bridge
16″ x 12″
canvas, unframed
Buy this painting on a card or print - the original is sold.
Standing at the wall of the river Liffey on Dublin’s Aston Quay I love looking at Liberty Hall in its party hat, and at the junction, which I’ve drawn and painted several times, of the bridge [...]