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Painting: Liberty Hall and O’Connell Bridge

Liberty Hall & O’Connell Bridge
16″ x 12″
canvas, unframed
Buy this painting on a card or print - the original is sold.
Standing at the wall of the river Liffey on Dublin’s Aston Quay I love looking at Liberty Hall in its party hat, and at the junction, which I’ve drawn and painted several times, of the bridge [...]

Painting: Loopline Bridge, Dublin

Loopline Bridge
16″ x 12″
canvas, unframed
€165 €125* SOLD
S&H: €11 Worldwide
Some of us never got to appreciate the views of the Custom House unobstructed by the Loopline Bridge, because we’re not 120 years old, so maybe we don’t feel as strongly against it as we should. I like railway bridges and without the advertising hoardings I think [...]

Painting: From Grattan Bridge

From Grattan Bridge
16″ x 12″
Grattan Bridge I’ve painted from several angles and I’m not sure which is my favourite view, but I do like the hippocamp lamps. Growing up I assumed the view east along the river would never change. That was before the IFSC, the Millenium Bridge, the Boardwalk, and George’s Quay Plaza.

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Photo: S is for Swan

Across the road from the entrance to where my studio is, there’s a family of these fellas that I’m happy to take a break from walking so as to watch.
As ridiculously cute as the babies in their appearance and movement are, the parents are simply dazzling in their graphic simplicity. Not that I could tell [...]

Photo: Liffey, West

The scene from across the road to my studio as you look west along the north bank of the river Liffey at Lucan. This was taken as I popped down to the village for milk or bread or something else life-sustaining.
About 4 miles from where I grew up it’s where childhood walks of stealing [...]

Photo: Weir Descent by Kayak

Another scene from my bicycle in Dublin. This Liffey scene was taken a couple of days ago just as I reached my studio - the weir is across the road from the entrance to the estate where my studio is.
I stopped to watch a couple of kayakers descend and then climb back up the far [...]

Photo: Lucan Weir

A photo of the weir on the Liffey at Lucan in west Dublin. The entrance to my studio is just along to the left, so to take this involved a short walk down through the woods and over the bridge.

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Photo: The Liffey Swim

A photo of a Dublin tradition for you. It’s the start of the Liffey Swim taken last weekend.
From the start here at Rory O’More bridge, to as far as O’Connell Bridge, I walked along the quays following the Liffey Swim as I listened to shouts of “You’re gonna get dysentry”. The rest of the [...]