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New Irish Paintings

Here are the new paintings that were exhibited at the recent Intonations Art Exhibition in the 2009 Rathmines Festival. All paintings are of Irish scenes.
I’ll add the paintings here one at a time as I post them, so you might want to refresh regularly, or keep an eye on my Twitter updates.

    • Rosmuc: Ag [...]


Here is the painting on which I based the question for painting giveaway #5. The painting is in acrylic on canvas with painted sides. I think it’s 15 inches by 15 inches.
It was painted this month, April 2009 and depicts rooks in a tree where Dublin 20 meets Dublin 10. Indeed I think some [...]

Painting Giveaway #5: How Many Rooks

At the moment I have some paintings on display at the Rathmines Festival.
Two of those paintings feature birds. One is of a single rook in flight but if you can be the first person in the comments below to tell me how many rooks feature in the other painting, you can have for free [...]

Rathmines Festival Art Exhibition

Some paintings of mine are on display this weekend at the 2009 Rathmines Festival in Dublin.
It’s a group show and takes place in the Swan Centre from noon until 7pm starting on Thursday, April 23 and ending on Sunday, April 26, 2006.
If you’re not familiar with Rathmines, the Swan Centre is a shopping centre on [...]


Probably because of how they walk, I’ve always liked rooks.
Sometimes when I’m cycling they’ll be directly on the road in front of me, eating something that even I wouldn’t. As the bike seems about to hit them they opt not to fly swiftly to immediate safety some distance away but instead to just casually [...]

The Other Semi-Final

[Note: Written in 2009, 3 years before the Hillsborough Independent Panel published its report that prompted the quashing of the verdicts of the original inquest, and 7 years before the new inquests found that the 96 people had been unlawfully killed - see bottom for findings]
[UPDATE: In July 2021 Andrew Devine died 32 years after [...]

It’s Grim in Dublin West

It could just be that I’m unaware of the meaning, but either there’s a lot of 4-lettered nicknamed people in Dublin West who are given to graffiti, or there’s an elaborate word game going on - the sort that you and I would typically use a boardgame for.

So sprayed on the walls of Dublin West [...]