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Photo: Pebble Dash Preparation

Shapes, patterns, lines, you know that I see them everywhere and extract them for paintings. And you know that I also like walls so much that I can look at them forever. Well I couldn’t look at this one like this forever because this was the final stage before the pebble dashing began.

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Photo: Bachelors Way

A Dublin photo of a shortcut in the city centre.
I actually quite like this wall though the photograph is all about the signs. Apply your own caption.

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Photo: Chinese Wall

Sometimes I want to take 100 photos of the same scene with a different person in it. But I never do. This pedestrian was walking too fast for me but then she probably didn’t know she was walking for me.
The better photo was the one I didn’t take, of the guy in the bright green [...]

Photo: Pac Man Wheel

Took this photo today in town on Dublin’s St Augustine Street. I didn’t have my proper camera with me so this was taken using the phone, but with Pac Man and a bicycle wheel it’s too good not to post regardless of quality.

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Photo: Bedford Tower, Dublin Castle

This is Bedford Tower of Dublin Castle, as seen from Christchurch Place to the west. I like that wall where Werburgh Street comes out at Castle Street, but a little bit of a tower livens things up.
My feet aren’t very happy these days, but Christchurch Place is a fine place to rest them.

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Photo: Blue Graffiti, Orange Bag

This piece of graffiti is on the route that the dog chooses, the odd day I relent and let her pick.
You know how I feel about walls, but also, I do like an orange bag.

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Photo: Wall, Window, Some Glass

Once upon a time I had a website devoted to nothing but photographs of walls and windows. This is because I can - and do - spend hours looking at walls. And windows.
I’m especially fond of the absence of windows, as in I love walls with no windows at all and delight in walls [...]

Painting: To The Beach

Here’s the 2nd of 2 paintings finished recently that went to Moscow.
To The Beach
40.5 x 30.5 cm (16 x 12 inches)

I started this painting so many years ago I can’t even remember where exactly it’s of anymore. It was originally of a scene somewhere in the Killary Harbour area, the fjord that separates Connemara [...]

No Parking

Every day I cycle and walk past this prohibitive corner of Dublin. For years I’ve loved it, stopping to enjoy it even (though obviously not in car), and recently I thought I’d finally take a picture of it and share it with you.

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Photo: Phoenix Park Tunnel

A photo of where the rail tunnel from Heuston to Connolly goes under the Phoenix Park. As you can see I was waiting for cyclists to fill that space.
This is down by Islandbridge, on what was once upon a time the main road from Dublin to Galway.

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