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Photo: Blue Rain

A photograph that says home to me. In any decade, notwithstanding the lack of smoke on buses these days.
I love Dublin in the rain. And I love it even more when you can’t see it because of the rain.

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Studio Window

It’s not just teabags that I put in the windows of my studio. This picture was taken by the phone.

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Photo: Window Wigs

Walking down Talbot Street in Dublin I took this photo from a safe distance. Going by the price tags, good value you’ll agree.
It’s also more close to the scene I visualise when I hear the phrase “head shop”.

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The edges of this photo were trimmed to match them to the edge of the window.
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Photo: Wall, Window, Some Glass

Once upon a time I had a website devoted to nothing but photographs of walls and windows. This is because I can - and do - spend hours looking at walls. And windows.
I’m especially fond of the absence of windows, as in I love walls with no windows at all and delight in walls [...]

Photo: Pilsner Urquell

A bottle left standing up is something I’ve always found difficult to walk past.
So you get to pause with me.

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Teabags on a Window Sill

Here’s a photo from inside my studio. Teabags. You can see the cobbled stableyard through the window.

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If it doesn’t seem like that many teabags, well that’s because I use loose leaves a lot for making tea.
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