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IBA 2010 Paintings Sale

Here are the paintings I exhibited at the Irish Blog Awards in Galway on March 27, 2010 at the Radisson Blu Hotel.

By Muckish 1

Guinness Gate

Kansas West
165 Euro


Sheep, Wall II

The Cottage

By Muckish 2
165 euro

Birds, Wires 8

Birds, Wires 9


Hill, Trees III

Hill, Trees IV
€165 SOLD

S. Fields


Rosmuc Arís
€165 SOLD

Irish Townscape
€165 SOLD


Not for Sale

Irish Blogs
Not for Sale


Q Maeve Br
SOLD [...]

It’s not Yogurt, it’s a Camera

Twice in my life I’ve been given a bouquet of flowers. It didn’t mean I was better than anybody who didn’t get flowers those days, but it was nice.
And when the bar finally closed in Galway on Sunday morning, in time for this photo, taken as the sun rose to shine through my glass [...]

My Studio - Audio Slideshow

Eolai from Markham Nolan on Vimeo.
A few days ago, while I was preparing for my show at the 2010 Irish Blog Awards, I had the pleasure of a visit to my studio by Markham Nolan. While I worked away Markham took dozens of photos and then recorded a short interview.
Technical problems meant you’re spared [...]

Irish Blogs 2010

And what a weekend that was. I’m not really sure where it started.
In the early hours of Friday morning, towards the end of the final 48-hour painting session where I tried to finish 5 million paintings for the Irish Blog Awards Show, I started painting this picture on Irish blogging while on a tea break.
When [...]

Painting Giveaway #9: How Many Sheep & Birds

There’s an exhibition of my paintings in Galway this weekend at the 2010 Irish Blog Awards. You can have a free original painting of your choice from the prizepool if you tell me what number you get if you add the number of sheep and the number of birds that will feature in paintings exhibited.
It’s [...]

Photo: Liffey, West

The scene from across the road to my studio as you look west along the north bank of the river Liffey at Lucan. This was taken as I popped down to the village for milk or bread or something else life-sustaining.
About 4 miles from where I grew up it’s where childhood walks of stealing [...]

Linking The Love

Time to share. Though really it’s to acknowledge those who’ve shared.
  • Yesterday Markham Nolan paid a visit to my studio in relation to a project, of which more another day. Here’s a photo of me Markham took as he finished up and I showed him my favourite position in my studio while pointing at County [...]

Photo: Sunbathing Swallows

Sunbathing. They didn’t do this very often.
The swallows came in to my studio when it rained, for shelter. When it was hot they came in and flew around my head, fanning me as I painted. They chattered away in the rafters, like children, as I told them to keep it down because I was trying [...]

Bicyclistic: Year One

A few weeks ago this blog was 1-year old. Here’s a quick guide to how Year 1 went.
For the most part Bicyclistic is a personal blog about cycling from a dog to a studio, painting pictures, taking photos and drinking tea.
The most popular posts in terms of interactions are the free painting competitions where I [...]

Photo: Weir Descent by Kayak

Another scene from my bicycle in Dublin. This Liffey scene was taken a couple of days ago just as I reached my studio - the weir is across the road from the entrance to the estate where my studio is.
I stopped to watch a couple of kayakers descend and then climb back up the far [...]