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Studio Window

It’s not just teabags that I put in the windows of my studio. This picture was taken by the phone.

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The road took me quietly back into the desert again and away from the fertile Imperial Valley. After the sand sculptures was the US Navy bombing area. It’s an air to ground target area and you’re not allowed to stop so when I saw 5 parachutists land beside me in the desert I didn’t take [...]


And then dunes. Gravel dunes. Close up not at all pretty. More like a building site. The mountains were red, brown, black, grey, blue. It was impossible to capture them through the camera. Then the mountains turned to a beautiful shade of golden red. This was an old pre-Colombian Indian trail from the Colorado River [...]

Photo: S is for Swan

Across the road from the entrance to where my studio is, there’s a family of these fellas that I’m happy to take a break from walking so as to watch.
As ridiculously cute as the babies in their appearance and movement are, the parents are simply dazzling in their graphic simplicity. Not that I could tell [...]

A Lot Less Scenic

The clouds had made the day a lot less scenic than it could’ve been. In the distance (from as little as 5 miles away) mountains were only feint lines. Closer up they were as fabulous in California as in Arizona and New Mexico. Sometimes they look like big sleeping animals and other times, like the [...]

Beyond Hope

Harcuvar is Mojave for “sweet water” not that I could see any. It used to be a station on the Parker branch of the Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe railroad. It’s also known as “Mountain Pass” after the mountain pass truck stop, which used to be very busy when Highway 60 was the main route [...]

Dust Devils

In Aguila, which is a mining town, I stopped at a cafe and had the special - a bowl of stew. When you’re hot and thirsty eating hot stew is very odd. So I had a couple of cokes at the same time. This was almost a nothing town and yet it had 3 motels [...]

Photo: Pebble Dash Preparation

Shapes, patterns, lines, you know that I see them everywhere and extract them for paintings. And you know that I also like walls so much that I can look at them forever. Well I couldn’t look at this one like this forever because this was the final stage before the pebble dashing began.

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A Frog

I kept stopping every couple of miles and limping around and sitting down. Then I assumed that there was a pain barrier and tried going through it but I couldn’t. I grimaced a lot and screamed out loud a fair bit. I simply had to acknowledge that if my leg cannot bend then I can’t [...]

Left Leg

The left leg went after 4 miles. I struggled on for 2, took 2 Tylenol, struggled on, but it got worse and eventually had to stop.
I used several excuses to stop: an ATM to get cash on my VISA card, but it refused adding to my list of concerns; a telephone cheapo job to [...]