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Dust Devils

In Aguila, which is a mining town, I stopped at a cafe and had the special - a bowl of stew. When you’re hot and thirsty eating hot stew is very odd. So I had a couple of cokes at the same time. This was almost a nothing town and yet it had 3 motels - which augured well for the road ahead.

The road was now down on the desert floor again so it was level and straight. My speed picked up. The town of Gladden was just an RV park. This was the Aguila Valley with the Harcuvar Mountains lining the valley to the south and the Harquahala Mountains to the north.

At one point I saw 8 dust devils at once - all in the same area. I stopped and watched them. Most eventually dissipated after moving on. One got very fast and very marked. Another had a base of from 12 to 15 feet. Overhead frequently was the gentle mumble of a jet. In the clouds I couldn’t see anything but suspected it was the airforce.

This is an excerpt from Southwest Dreams - Part 76 of the journal of my cycle across America, which I posted today on IrishKC.

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