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Beyond Hope

Harcuvar is Mojave for “sweet water” not that I could see any. It used to be a station on the Parker branch of the Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe railroad. It’s also known as “Mountain Pass” after the mountain pass truck stop, which used to be very busy when Highway 60 was the main route between Phoenix and L.A. (before I-10).

I couldn’t see anything that might lead to the Indian petroglyphs so I just cycled on through the pass. It was downhill and through a heap of gravely hills with Saguaros all around. This is Granite Wash Pass. When you come through you drop into the town of Hope. I say town but like all the others it’s just a couple of buildings and an RV park which makes it look much bigger. I stopped and loaded up with water and some chocolate.

Leaving the town on State Highway 72 a large sign said “Your Now Beyond Hope” [sic]

This is an excerpt from Somewhere, Arizona - Part 77 of the journal of my cycle across America, posted on IrishKC.

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  1. martha says:


  2. E gan F says:

    I don’t like water either, but when doing the big distances on the bike they’re both like a kind of medicine that I need to take or have on stand by.

    The ferocious appetite the bike gives me means I have the ability to eat or drink things I ordinarily would never manage to finish. I actually used this deliberately when cycling across Europe to conquor ever single food dislike I had - but that’s for a different series of blogposts.

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