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24 Hours in November

NOTE: Scroll down for the gallery of all the paintings. They’re down the bottom, and all are sold (Photo-owners had first refusal)
When I was 14, fueled by a revival in the charts led by Showaddywaddy, Darts, Matchbox, and Rocky Sharpe & the Replays, several friends and I were rather fond of 1950s music. None of [...]

Crewe: Spotting The Spotters

Of all the places I liked spotting the spotters it was Crewe.
When in Birmingham, my relationship with the station increased. Already used to it as I was to Chester from the overnights from Holyhead to Liverpool, it now figured in trips from Birmingham to Liverpool and from Birmingham to Holyhead, plus my various other weekend [...]

A Night in London

-Can I borrow your Mirror? he said, waking me up.
I took my head off my newspaper pillow.
-It’s the Independent, I replied groggily, referring to the wrong London newspaper.
He walked away. I remade my pillow with the magazine Flash Art on top. Half an hour later I woke and peeled my now blue, hand and ear, [...]

Photo: Angkor Wat

Dipping into my archives here, which means I had to scan this. Most of my time in Cambodia I used a bicycle for transport, but when I went up river to Angkor I spent 3 days going around on a moped. Less public places than Angkor Wat itself were my favourite spots, but there was [...]