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The Twug - My Twitter Mug

A couple of weeks ago, before Walter of sxoop created his very cool mosaic-making tool for Twitter followers, I cadged together a mosaic of some of my favourite Twitter followers and followees using Hahlo and a very old version of Paint Shop Pro.
Then I sent the mosaic to Le Craic, and not much later [...]

Free Painting on Friday

To celebrate the launch of Bicyclistic I thought I’d give away a painting.
I’ll ask a question and the person with the winning answer can choose a painting for free from a pool of 13 paintings, all of which are currently priced at 45USD.
[ Update: Competition over. Scroll down to see winner ]
[Update eile: See [...]

A Look Inside My Studio

My studio is a loft in a stableyard in Dublin West. Close to the border with Kildare, it is located on a country estate overlooking the Liffey.
Update [March 2010]: See an audio slideshow video of me in my studio
Update [August 2009]: An album of photos of the interior and exterior of my studio is [...]