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Paintings in Progress

Some paintings in progress at the moment. Some have been on the go for some time and are long overdue, others are more recently started. With momentum restored, all should now be coming to completion shortly. Next exhibition is on June 25-27 2010 at the People’s Art on Stephen’s Green, Dublin.

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Studio Window

It’s not just teabags that I put in the windows of my studio. This picture was taken by the phone.

click for alternative closer view
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Studio Animal Life

There are some new co-tenants at my studio. 12 of these little fellas, and a rather beautiful rooster, are now wandering around the yard freely. And by freely I mean that the gates are all open so they could happily pop out to Lucan village for a batter sausage or catch the 25 bus if [...]

Studio: Washing the Art Tent Roof

The scaffolding on my studio I’m told is coming down. Apart from using it as an extended balcony, I found another use for it.
The reason I first erected the art tent inside my studio was due to a combination of paranoia about leaks after my Donegal experience and for protection from permanently falling plaster from [...]

Photo: Sunbathing Swallows

Sunbathing. They didn’t do this very often.
The swallows came in to my studio when it rained, for shelter. When it was hot they came in and flew around my head, fanning me as I painted. They chattered away in the rafters, like children, as I told them to keep it down because I was trying [...]

Studio Re-Roof Status

Just a post to let everyone that the studio is still not back in a condition to accept visitors. The scaffolding went up in November, and the roof was taken off over 7 weeks ago. Throw in Christmas, the snow, burst pipes, and a technical matter relating to guttering, and I’m still not yet back [...]

Studio Photos

I’ve posted an album of photos of inside and outside my studio. It’s on FaceBook but you should be able to view them without logging in.
The photos complement the existing page here on my studio but don’t yet include any shots of the orchard, the house that the stableyard is attached to, or of [...]

Teabags on a Window Sill

Here’s a photo from inside my studio. Teabags. You can see the cobbled stableyard through the window.

click to enlarge
If it doesn’t seem like that many teabags, well that’s because I use loose leaves a lot for making tea.
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A new delight in the blogging world of late is Desked… Because of the beauty of a very simple concept - show us your desk, your place where your computer sits while you weave your blogging magic.
There’s a wonderful array of messy and stylish desks up there - go have a nose around.
I’ve waited [...]

Get Up The Yard

My studio is in a cobbled stableyard in an estate that runs from the edge of the River Liffey to the top of the Liffey Valley in a beautiful corner of Dublin West quiet close to County Kildare.
I’ve already shown you some shots of inside my studio, so here are some shots of the extraordinary [...]