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Art Show by Bicycle

Recently I showed some paintings at the People’s Art Exhibition on Stephen’s Green, Dublin. I won’t list all the items this time but paintings, packaging, tools, tea, stool, and everything needed to show the paintings on the railings, were all transported from my studio in Lucan the 15km (9.5 miles) or so to the city [...]

20 Canvases on a Bicycle: XtraCycle

Another XtraCycle photo. Taken in Dublin, Ireland with the Liffey valley in the background - the valley not the shopping centre.

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There’s 20 canvases in that box, each 14 x 11 inches (they came from the US), so you can see that the bike could actually carry 200 canvases without too much effort. [...]

XtraCycle in Ireland

Last autumn I lived in the northwest corner of Ireland. This is my bike on the way home from the shops. The village was 4 miles away and the picture was taken with just a mile or so to go home - you can see my cottage in the distance.

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The beauty of an [...]

Get Up The Yard

My studio is in a cobbled stableyard in an estate that runs from the edge of the River Liffey to the top of the Liffey Valley in a beautiful corner of Dublin West quiet close to County Kildare.
I’ve already shown you some shots of inside my studio, so here are some shots of the extraordinary [...]