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Get Up The Yard

My studio is in a cobbled stableyard in an estate that runs from the edge of the River Liffey to the top of the Liffey Valley in a beautiful corner of Dublin West quiet close to County Kildare.

I’ve already shown you some shots of inside my studio, so here are some shots of the extraordinary exterior surroundings of the studio.

It’s a working stableyard, so there’s the odd horse:
horse in stable

I probably mentioned it can be a bit cold in winter, but have I mentioned it’s glorious when the weather is sunny and warm. That’s my space up there, with the boxes that have followed me around the globe:
studio open

All sides of the yard I like looking at, for probably too long:
north side

Half doors are the business:

Every day I love riding my bike in here:
yard entrance

Being a working stable, it has a paddock. I don’t ride my bike in here:
the paddock

The bike is very fond of the yard:
bike in yard

The yard is cobbled, and I just love walking on cobblestones. Some days I go out and walk around the yard just to, well, walk around the yard:
studio open

The centre of the yard has a working well and it’s almost finished being restored. This is the view of it from my studio:
well being restored

Currently I’m the only artist in the yard, but there may well be more studios available before too long - follow me on twitter to keep appraised of possible studios.

See also the inside of my studio.


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  2. manuel says:

    man, that is just such a beautiful place…….my heart overflows with jealousy….

  3. Daily Spud says:

    I feel calmer just for having looked around your yard…

  4. kevin says:

    Beautiful! For a man who appreciates
    walls and stones and the infinite
    eye candy they can proved… you
    must be in heaven.

    So… you even bothered to go to
    Kansas City for ??? what reason ??


  5. kevin says:

    Sorry.. meant to say..

    ‘the infinite eye candy they can PROVIDE’

  6. I love the idea of a life like this Eolai but know I’ll never be able to claim it.

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