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Striped Parenting

Sometimes I do small paintings and call them birthday cards.

On The Radio: Blogging For Business

My recent appearance on the marketing radio programme The Persuaders, in a special for the Irish radio show on Blogging For Business, is now available as a podcast (mp3 23mins).
The show, originally broadcast on Dublin City FM, features Amy Dillon of and myself discussing how we use our blogs for business.
If you’ve listened to [...]

How I Sell Paintings Online

To date I estimate I’ve sold about 300 paintings with 95% of those sales being online. This post is for people who miss out on certain paintings and sales, and for those interested in selling paintings, be they fellow artists or those in marketing.
It should give you an understanding of how you can find [...]

Linking The Love

Time to share. Though really it’s to acknowledge those who’ve shared.
  • Yesterday Markham Nolan paid a visit to my studio in relation to a project, of which more another day. Here’s a photo of me Markham took as he finished up and I showed him my favourite position in my studio while pointing at County [...]

Bicyclistic: Year One

A few weeks ago this blog was 1-year old. Here’s a quick guide to how Year 1 went.
For the most part Bicyclistic is a personal blog about cycling from a dog to a studio, painting pictures, taking photos and drinking tea.
The most popular posts in terms of interactions are the free painting competitions where I [...]

Things I Do Less Because Of Twitter

A reader, Mr. The Robber, left a comment over on my Irish KC blog, that he never understood the point of twitter. My response wasn’t to try and explain the point of twitter, but to give a quick list of some of the things I do less because of twitter.
I thought I’d repeat this list [...]

Twitter Explains and Apologises

Final Update With their 4th blog post on the issue Twitter have fully explained how and why the fiasco of #fixreplies happened. In short the post has returned them to the Twitter I love, and renders everything I’ve written below irrelevant. I am fully happy with every aspect of the post, and impressed with their [...]

The Other Semi-Final

[Note: Written in 2009, 3 years before the Hillsborough Independent Panel published its report that prompted the quashing of the verdicts of the original inquest, and 7 years before the new inquests found that the 96 people had been unlawfully killed - see bottom for findings]
[UPDATE: In July 2021 Andrew Devine died 32 years after [...]


A new delight in the blogging world of late is Desked… Because of the beauty of a very simple concept - show us your desk, your place where your computer sits while you weave your blogging magic.
There’s a wonderful array of messy and stylish desks up there - go have a nose around.
I’ve waited [...]

Twitter Mugs with Followers/Followees Available

Fans of my twitter mug will be pleased to know that, courtesy of the man who came up with the idea, you can now order your own Twitter mug featuring a mosaic of your followers or of those you follow.