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Things I Do Less Because Of Twitter

A reader, Mr. The Robber, left a comment over on my Irish KC blog, that he never understood the point of twitter. My response wasn’t to try and explain the point of twitter, but to give a quick list of some of the things I do less because of twitter.

I thought I’d repeat this list here. Almost certainly not complete, it should still emphasize that I get way more from twitter than I put in. Perhaps its greatest strength for me is the role it plays in building up trust, a factor that is crucial for most everything I do on the internet from reading articles to selling paintings, but that’s for another post another day.

Things I Do Less Because of Twitter:

   • Emailing
   • Phoning
   • Texting
   • Blogging
   • Using Google
   • Instant Messaging
   • Reading News Sites
   • Reading Sports Sites
   • Reading Blogs
   • Checking Radio Schedules
   • Checking TV Schedules
   • Using Feed Readers
   • Visiting Aggregators
   • Subscribing to Blogs
   • Signing up for Newletters
   • Visiting Support Forums
   • Creating News Alerts
   • Checking MySpace Calendars
   • Visiting Art Discussion Sites

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  1. martha says:

    Dear Eolai,
    I’m not exactly sure what’s been happening with you, Dog-Dog or Twitter, because I’ve been computerless and internetless for almost a week, and am still without a high-speed connection. Looking forward to seeing her new dance when I get back up to speed, and also looking forward to the latest paintings!

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