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24 Hours in November

NOTE: Scroll down for the gallery of all the paintings. They’re down the bottom, and all are sold (Photo-owners had first refusal)
When I was 14, fueled by a revival in the charts led by Showaddywaddy, Darts, Matchbox, and Rocky Sharpe & the Replays, several friends and I were rather fond of 1950s music. None of [...]

A Pint and a Haircut: True Irish Stories

A new book of true Irish stories, featuring a painting of mine on the cover, is currently being launched with all royalties going to Concern’s Haiti fund.

Garret Pearse was inspired to compile A Pint and a Haircut: True Irish Stories while reading Paul Auster’s True Tales of American Lives when the story of the [...]

It’s not Yogurt, it’s a Camera

Twice in my life I’ve been given a bouquet of flowers. It didn’t mean I was better than anybody who didn’t get flowers those days, but it was nice.
And when the bar finally closed in Galway on Sunday morning, in time for this photo, taken as the sun rose to shine through my glass [...]

It’s Grim in Dublin West

It could just be that I’m unaware of the meaning, but either there’s a lot of 4-lettered nicknamed people in Dublin West who are given to graffiti, or there’s an elaborate word game going on - the sort that you and I would typically use a boardgame for.

So sprayed on the walls of Dublin West [...]