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Zebras In Glass Houses

A photo of hell, if you’re a zebra who drinks whiskey. Or in other words, zebras in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

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Photo: Pilsner Urquell

A bottle left standing up is something I’ve always found difficult to walk past.
So you get to pause with me.

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No Future

I love the glimpses of the city you get on a bus that’s hurtling around Dublin. And trying with a camera to capture those glimpses I especially like.
This photo is of a paste-up by Canvaz and comes with its own words, so I’ve nothing further to add.

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Abstract Paintings

Here are some of my abstract paintings. I am obsessed with squares and right angles, so when you are talking to me I am likely to be looking over your shoulder at windows and where walls meet ceilings. It’s the same reason I paint streetscapes so much.

Still Life Sq.s

Orange Squares

Sq.s B. Yellow

Sq.s, Yellow Map

72nd St [...]

Photo: Phoenix Park Tunnel

A photo of where the rail tunnel from Heuston to Connolly goes under the Phoenix Park. As you can see I was waiting for cyclists to fill that space.
This is down by Islandbridge, on what was once upon a time the main road from Dublin to Galway.

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Photo: Lucan Weir

A photo of the weir on the Liffey at Lucan in west Dublin. The entrance to my studio is just along to the left, so to take this involved a short walk down through the woods and over the bridge.

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Photo: The Liffey Swim

A photo of a Dublin tradition for you. It’s the start of the Liffey Swim taken last weekend.
From the start here at Rory O’More bridge, to as far as O’Connell Bridge, I walked along the quays following the Liffey Swim as I listened to shouts of “You’re gonna get dysentry”. The rest of the [...]

Photo: Beckett Bridge by Moonlight

Here’s a night time photo of Dublin’s newest bridge over the Liffey, the Samuel Beckett Bridge taken during a stroll in the docklands.

This is my first photo I’m not letting you enlarge - simply because being a handheld night-time shot it just isn’t good enough quality.
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Free Painting #7 - The Answer

I asked you to identify a painting of mine from an an earlier picture of it in progress. For comparison here’s the finished painting beside the picture of it in progress that I showed you.

So yes, Burren Dolmen is the answer. There were a lot of correct answers, though Nephin was also a popular [...]

Painting Giveaway #7: Name That Painting

Identify this painting. The 1st person to leave a comment telling me what this pictured painting in progress became wins an original painting of their choice from the prizepool.
The prizepool was extended today up to 20 paintings after I added in several paintings that are in the current sale of paintings. They are still for [...]