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Free Painting #7 - The Answer

I asked you to identify a painting of mine from an an earlier picture of it in progress. For comparison here’s the finished painting beside the picture of it in progress that I showed you.

From unfinished to finished

So yes, Burren Dolmen is the answer. There were a lot of correct answers, though Nephin was also a popular guess, and Spongebob Squarepants was in there twice and I haven’t even painted him (though I just might now).

Fastest in with a comment giving the right answer was Vicki, who now has the choice of any painting in the prizepool

I didn’t count any guesses received on twitter because I want all the answers in the one place to be sure I’m working off the one timeline to pick the earliest correct answer. It didn’t matter anyway as no correct answers were received on twitter, but that’s why I say only answers left in the comments of the blogpost can be counted.

This was the first giveway I did since feeding the blog into my FaceBook account, and guesses were also left in there where the full blogpost with photo is reproduced. It ultimately didn’t matter either in this case as the correct answers left there were hours after the first correct answer left on the blog. In future I’ll request that FaceBook guessers leave their answers outside FB but if you’re reading this on FaceBook you should know that it takes FaceBook quite a bit of time to pick up the feed so you’re defintely at a disadvantage anyway.

Enough of that and congratulations to Vicki who I shall now contact to say very well done, and very quickly done especially.


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  2. Lozzie says:

    Congrats, Vicki!

  3. I am comforted to know that I wasn’t alone in Spongebob - there is logic to it.

    I admire your work very much and, if I ever get money again, I’ll give you a shout. :)

  4. Vicki says:

    That’s awesome, it was pretty close there, I can’t believe I got in first! :D

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