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August 09 New Paintings

Here are 43 new Irish paintings finished in August 2009. Most were started several months earlier, though some were started several years earlier.

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  1. Just so you know, the Western Hill link is to Seated Men. G.

  2. DAVID WOOTEN says:

    I had to have another of your paintings… like the Irish Townscape as well, but a bit higher that I want to spend right now - I got the Irish Town Small

  3. [...] today I launched a sale of new Irish paintings by me. There are 43 paintings in the sale, though at the time of writing this 19 of them have sold. [...]

  4. [...] and it was actually good company and made it easier to keep going. @Eolai, who’s a painter (and is having a sale of work at the moment, check them out) was doing an all-nighter too, so we were having cups of tea and stepping back to look at the work [...]

  5. [...] is having another painting sale. I grabbed [...]

  6. manuel says:

    here is the Castro one still on the go? I always fancied that myself….

  7. E gan F says:

    Fidel is just about still on the go. Somebody is talking about it. It’s HERE

  8. manuel says:

    if they don’t make a move on it I would be willing to…..!

  9. E gan F says:

    The other person has just said that if you are interested I should go ahead and sell it to you. Ooh, yukky sales speak.

  10. [...] Eolaí is having another painting sale. [...]

  11. manuel says:

    can I email you next week? gotta shift some cash about [down back of sofa etc]

  12. [...] prizepool was extended today up to 20 paintings after I added in several paintings that are in the current sale of paintings. They are still for sale, like all paintings in the prizepool so it’s possible you could have [...]

  13. [...] my sale of paintings of Ireland (half-price & free shipping worldwide) continues until some time on Monday, September 7, 2009. [...]

  14. [...] 2 that followed shows, the rest exclusively online, in March ‘09, in April ‘09, in Aug/Sep ‘09, in Nov/Dec ‘09, and in March 2010 (which is technically Year [...]

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