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Dog-Dog, The Gallery

The long requested and promised gallery of photos of Dog-Dog is now here.
There’s now a permanent link to the dog’s gallery from the top navigation buttons and from the sidebar photo. New photos will continue to be highlighted on twitter

Photo: Snow View

My little American dog used to enjoy watching the snow in Kansas City, so yesterday in Ireland Dog-Dog was very much at home. If you know what I mean.
Not so deep that I used a dustpan to dig her a trail where you’d only see her ears like in the US, but still enough [...]

It’s My Ball

The first new video of Dog-Dog in some time - and you can tell, because I held the camera the wrong way.
Despite what you may hear, no children were distressed during the making of this video.

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Dog-Dog’s Birthday Beach Trip

Dog-Dog just celebrated her 2nd birthday since moving to Ireland from America, and like last year she was in County Wexford for the event. So we went to the beach, where she behaved like any 8-year old would. You’ll probably want to enlarge it to see it properly:

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