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Dun Laoghaire Pier and Howth Head

Dun Laoghaire Pier and Howth
20″ x 8″
canvas, unframed
€165 S&H: €11 Worldwide
I like shapes, and the profile of Howth Head along with the boats of Dun Laoghaire harbour are a favourite collection at any time of day. In this painting it’s clearly a sunny time of day, as the roaring red sky would indicate.

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Photo: Blue and White

Here’s a photo I think would make a good poster, albeit just with a target customer base of 1. No cropping was done, and I spent ages trying to decide if I wanted skin in there. It’s not easy sneaking up behind people. (enlarge)
That thin strip of blue below the freaky Irish sky is the [...]

Dog-Dog’s Birthday Beach Trip

Dog-Dog just celebrated her 2nd birthday since moving to Ireland from America, and like last year she was in County Wexford for the event. So we went to the beach, where she behaved like any 8-year old would. You’ll probably want to enlarge it to see it properly:

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Photo: An Irish Beach

A photo from a day at the beach on Saturday. This is in Ireland’s sunny south east - in County Wexford - taken at the very point where I finished a 7-mile walk last year with Dog-dog.

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