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Currently almost 200 of my paintings are available as prints and/or cards. Matted, mounted, and photographic prints as well as prints on canvas and framed prints are available for most of these paintings. The service is provided by RedBubble who print your order in whichever is nearer to you of the US, UK, and Australia so as to minimise shipping costs.

Most prints are categorized as Irish towns, Irish Landscapes, or the Birds/Wires series:

There are also other paintings available as prints not in the above collections - they would include some paintings of people, animals, and landscapes from my travels away from Ireland.

I also make most paintings available as greeting cards (in 2 sizes) and postcards (with discounts of 20% and 30% if you purchase 8 or 16 respectively)

Original Paintings
Most of the original paintings have all sold or are otherwise unavailable. I maintain a page showing what original paintings are currently available for sale - there usually aren’t too many paintings on it as new paintings tend to sell within days of completion.

Prior to using RedBubble for my prints, I used ImageKind - but their shipping charges eventually became too expensive for my customers not based in the US. If you are based in North America you may still find ImageKind useful especially as the sizes of prints and the costings are different although there is a much smaller selection of my paintings available there as prints

Here are a sample of some of my paintings available as prints from ImageKind but you’ll find more on the site.

NOTE: I recommend people who are not living in N. America do NOT use the following ImageKind links but instead use the above Redbubble links.

Prices start from under 30USD but if you want to splash out you have the option of adding framing to the order, and all kinds of fancy papers or canvas even.

More prints will continue to be made available.

Older Paintings
Some of my older paintings (those painted in the region of 20 years ago) I do not have good enough quality photos of to make prints from, so they won’t become available as prints, but all new paintings are now photographed as I finish them with a view to making them available as prints and cards


  1. Steph Gahan says:

    Hi Liam.

    My daughter very much loves your painting of The Sheep by a wall. It is mounted on the wall of her aunts house, Deirdre Ryan. Please is there any chance that you have a print of this painting.

    Kind regards

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