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Sketchbook Figures

Here’s some quick sketches of figures I did one sunny day somewhere in Europe. Scanning other sketches I grabbed these and thought I’d post them.

Pied Wagtail

It’s impossible to dislike wagtails. Or to ignore them. I mean, imagine if people moved like this.
Rain leaves puddles in the grass and wagtails aren’t usually far from water. Which is probably why there was one on the roof the day I left the cottage.
This is a photo I took of a pied wagtail in [...]

Things I Do Less Because Of Twitter

A reader, Mr. The Robber, left a comment over on my Irish KC blog, that he never understood the point of twitter. My response wasn’t to try and explain the point of twitter, but to give a quick list of some of the things I do less because of twitter.
I thought I’d repeat this list [...]

20 Canvases on a Bicycle: XtraCycle

Another XtraCycle photo. Taken in Dublin, Ireland with the Liffey valley in the background - the valley not the shopping centre.

click to enlarge
There’s 20 canvases in that box, each 14 x 11 inches (they came from the US), so you can see that the bike could actually carry 200 canvases without too much effort. [...]

Twitter Explains and Apologises

Final Update With their 4th blog post on the issue Twitter have fully explained how and why the fiasco of #fixreplies happened. In short the post has returned them to the Twitter I love, and renders everything I’ve written below irrelevant. I am fully happy with every aspect of the post, and impressed with their [...]

Notifications in a Twitterless World

The value of twitter was always in seeing what others said rather than in saying things yourself, even when they weren’t necessarily talking directly to you.
For some this option was overwhelming, or it would have been had they changed from the default setting to pay attention only to what was being said in a [...]

Shadowy Figures in Dublin

Here’s a couple of figures you may know. It’s not every day you’re 100 feet tall. Because it’s not every day the sun shines.

I wasn’t even wearing my platform boots. And Dog-Dog was very good, waiting posing as asked until I took the picture.

Kinsale IV Painting in Progress

Here’s a photo in the studio from before the last show.
The painting on the art table is Kinsale IV and at this stage was nearing completion.
You can also see the wall of paintings, made from paintings in progress, that changes shape throughout the day.

click to enlarge
You may remember the art table from when [...]