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Montreal of Panic

About 20 years ago I stopped buying cards. The problem with making your own is that I tend to take too much time, mostly in fact not finishing them in time for the intended event. My studio and sketchbooks are littered with the beginnings of cards.
Here’s a card I did finish. If I remember rightly [...]

Irish Blog Awards 2011 - Scrapbook

Here’s a few photographs of my weekend at the IBAs in Belfast - presented in 1 big photo (just pretend it’s 1995).
Huge thanks to Damien for making it possible to meet so many people I enjoy reading, and being able to share my paintings with them.
Being with my paintings in a hotel in Belfast, [...]

Paintings at Irish Blog Awards, Belfast 2011

There will be an exhibition of my paintings at the Irish Blog Awards taking place in Belfast at the Europa Hotel on Saturday, March 19, 2011.
I can’t tell you yet how many paintings will be there because I’m still painting them, as is my way, and whatever is finished on Friday will go to Belfast. [...]