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Painting: To The Beach

Here’s the 2nd of 2 paintings finished recently that went to Moscow.
To The Beach
40.5 x 30.5 cm (16 x 12 inches)

I started this painting so many years ago I can’t even remember where exactly it’s of anymore. It was originally of a scene somewhere in the Killary Harbour area, the fjord that separates Connemara [...]

All The Photographs

I’ve put together a page of photos.
It highlights many of the individual photos I regularly post, and also links to collections and collages that I’ve posted on other sites as well as here on Bicyclistic.
The plan is to link up more collections, including many from my travels that have yet to be posted anywhere - [...]

Painting: Coast, The West

Here’s a new painting finished a few days ago.
Coast, The West
23 x 18 cm (9 x 7 inches)

Sometimes with landscapes I start with somewhere in particular in mind, and then I take liberties which I hope results in a painting of my experience there. This is one of those times.
Coast, The West was [...]

Dublin Snow Photos

Aside from the 3 recent photos of Dublin in the snow posted here on

Half Moon Over Snowy Roofs
Snowy Sunset, Dublin
Snow View for Dog-Dog

I’ve also posted several Dublin snow photos over on Twitpic:

The Joy of Snow
Glenaulin Snows
Winter Crossbar
Trees in a Row in the Snow
Every Branch of Every Tree
Up on the Roof, the Snowy roof
Snowball, Ballyfermot
Spaghetti [...]

Photo: Half Moon Over Snowy Roofs

We’ve been here before. Blue sky with moon, roofs with snow, and all carved into shapes by wires. We’ll be here again.
For what it’s worth I tend to spend a large part of my life looking around cropping in my head images like this. I rarely actually photograph them though, let alone post them online.

click [...]

Photo: Snow View

My little American dog used to enjoy watching the snow in Kansas City, so yesterday in Ireland Dog-Dog was very much at home. If you know what I mean.
Not so deep that I used a dustpan to dig her a trail where you’d only see her ears like in the US, but still enough [...]

Photo: Snowy Sunset Dublin

Much as I don’t like being out in the snow (I really don’t, so don’t go trying to convert me), I am enjoying a lot of the images it throws up. The skies especially have me frequently entranced.
Thanks to walks with the dog I have a fair few photos like this one looking towards [...]