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Photo: Goldfinch

Perhaps because of their beauty I’ve always struggled to take a good photograph of a goldfinch.
Yesterday one came to my balcony at the studio - for just long enough to know there would be no point reaching for the camera. More usual sightings are cameo appearances amid a clutter of branches or an overwhelming [...]

Photo: 3 Birds Fanned

The big birds in the wind I love watching do their fighting and dancing. Rooks, magpies, jackdaws and gulls. Always surprises me how they don’t crash. Even people on foot walk into things.
Out with dog head down in the wind, look up see 3 birds arc in a chase. Flick on camera, featers out, aim, [...]

Photo: S is for Swan

Across the road from the entrance to where my studio is, there’s a family of these fellas that I’m happy to take a break from walking so as to watch.
As ridiculously cute as the babies in their appearance and movement are, the parents are simply dazzling in their graphic simplicity. Not that I could tell [...]

Painting Giveaway #9: How Many Sheep & Birds

There’s an exhibition of my paintings in Galway this weekend at the 2010 Irish Blog Awards. You can have a free original painting of your choice from the prizepool if you tell me what number you get if you add the number of sheep and the number of birds that will feature in paintings exhibited.
It’s [...]

Photo: Sunbathing Swallows

Sunbathing. They didn’t do this very often.
The swallows came in to my studio when it rained, for shelter. When it was hot they came in and flew around my head, fanning me as I painted. They chattered away in the rafters, like children, as I told them to keep it down because I was trying [...]

Photo: Geese Over Dublin West

This photo of a large flock of Geese flying over Dublin West I took last week while out with the dog. I’m weak on Geese but I think they’re Barnacle Geese. They caught my eye flying from over Chapelizod to Ballyfermot but then did a 180 degree turn.

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Yes, I cropped this photo - [...]

Dublin Snow Photos

Aside from the 3 recent photos of Dublin in the snow posted here on

Half Moon Over Snowy Roofs
Snowy Sunset, Dublin
Snow View for Dog-Dog

I’ve also posted several Dublin snow photos over on Twitpic:

The Joy of Snow
Glenaulin Snows
Winter Crossbar
Trees in a Row in the Snow
Every Branch of Every Tree
Up on the Roof, the Snowy roof
Snowball, Ballyfermot
Spaghetti [...]

Photo: Snowy Sunset Dublin

Much as I don’t like being out in the snow (I really don’t, so don’t go trying to convert me), I am enjoying a lot of the images it throws up. The skies especially have me frequently entranced.
Thanks to walks with the dog I have a fair few photos like this one looking towards [...]

Photo: Runners, Rook

As a background I prefer the plain canvas of a dark raincloud than that of a pure blue sky. These might well be football boots and not runners, but the rook is a rook. And I’m not responsible for putting either up there.

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Ducks on the Liffey

This photo of a couple of mallards on the Liffey was taken beside the entrance to my studio when I popped out for a break from painting.

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