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Photo: S is for Swan

Across the road from the entrance to where my studio is, there’s a family of these fellas that I’m happy to take a break from walking so as to watch.
As ridiculously cute as the babies in their appearance and movement are, the parents are simply dazzling in their graphic simplicity. Not that I could tell [...]

Studio Animal Life

There are some new co-tenants at my studio. 12 of these little fellas, and a rather beautiful rooster, are now wandering around the yard freely. And by freely I mean that the gates are all open so they could happily pop out to Lucan village for a batter sausage or catch the 25 bus if [...]

Card: Stripey Donkey

The boxes and sketchbooks in my studio are littered with unfinished cards I’ve been making since I stopped buying them about 25 yrs ago. Although I try to not think of them as paintings, so that I can produce them much quicker than paintings, I find once the brush/knife/pen hits the paper everything slows down.
Every [...]

Photo: Smithfield Horses

Perhaps I’m just older now, but these days I find the redesigned Smithfield just as much out of place and time as a horse market in the centre of a city.
On the other hand cycling on cobblestones hasn’t bothered me since I hit a 30-mile stretch in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. That was [...]

Photo: Geese Over Dublin West

This photo of a large flock of Geese flying over Dublin West I took last week while out with the dog. I’m weak on Geese but I think they’re Barnacle Geese. They caught my eye flying from over Chapelizod to Ballyfermot but then did a 180 degree turn.

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Yes, I cropped this photo - [...]

Zebras In Glass Houses

A photo of hell, if you’re a zebra who drinks whiskey. Or in other words, zebras in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

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A Boy, a Bicycle, and his Little Pony

-Excuse me Mister?
-D’ya need a hand?
-Could ya get me bike outta there? I’m tryin’ to get this fella out
So I did. With a gimpy arm and a dog on a leash, both barking at and afraid of the pony, I waded into the long grass and fished out his bike. Then I left him to [...]

Painting Giveaway #6 Name Those Animals

The painting below of The Claddagh in Galway sold at the last show. When I delivered it, their very young son asked me if the houses were for animals. Further into the conversation he explained that he had asked that question because he could see [drumroll] what kind of animals in the painting?
The 1st person [...]