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Studio Animal Life

There are some new co-tenants at my studio. 12 of these little fellas, and a rather beautiful rooster, are now wandering around the yard freely. And by freely I mean that the gates are all open so they could happily pop out to Lucan village for a batter sausage or catch the 25 bus if they fancied a more formal night out.

They haven’t, as yet, come up the steps into my studio, but it’s impossible not to like their presence and the rooster now means my overnight painting spells have something to definitively decide when a new day has started. Shame I’m spending time worrying about foxes now though.

2 chickens on a half-door in front of a horse
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  2. martha says:

    Years ago, something like twenty-five or so, a buddy and I were in Tallahassee, Florida, painting scenery for the Florida State Opera. The scene shop was across the fields from the agricultural college. One morning, with the loading dock door open to a glorious summer day, we realised that we were no longer alone in the shop. With a freshly base coated 20′X 40′ drop laid out on the deck, a small flock of chickens came strutting in the open door and began to investigate. I can only conclude from our experience that chickens are attracted by fresh paint. Also, once they have an object in mind, it’s next to impossible to shoo them away from it. Finally, we sacrificed most of our lunches in order to lure them out of the shop, away from the obviously intriguing wet drop and buckets of paint. I recommend that you keep at least some peanut butter crackers on hand, just in case.

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