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The 2015 #100Paintings1Day

The 3rd (and final) annual ‘100 Paintings 1 Day’ is on from 6pm Friday Dec 4th 2015 to 6pm Saturday Dec 5th 2015 - but there’s a difference this year.
The Idea?
To try and do, live on video, 100 paintings in 24 hours, each painting based on a photograph supplied by its owner on twitter [...]

And There We Have To Leave It

For now I’m calling it a hiatus, but it may be much more.
It’s time for me to call an end to the business of art.
All outstanding commissions will be honoured, going back to #paintingtour and beyond, and until there’s a new income source there may be a handful of new paintings, but as a [...]

One Day of Painting - 2014

Here are the paintings done during this year’s 24-hour event. It’s a lot less than last year’s (29 versus 43), for reasons I won’t bore you with. Enormous thanks go to my help in the studio, Andreea (@brandalisms), and for single-handedly setting up and making the video possible, to Dave Bolger of Devhaus.
Scroll down for [...]

The 2014 #100Paintings1Day

A 24-hour period where people are invited to tweet photos and I attempt to paint as many pictures as possible based on them, all live streamed on video (I hope).
6pm Friday 28th November - 6pm Saturday 29th November, 2014. (6pm Irish Time GMT, i.e. It’s when it is 1pm in New York, 10am in LA, [...]

New Paintings - Summer Sale 2014

The first paintings of 2014, although some have been on the go for years. There will be another group of new paintings at the end of the summer.
Paintings are sold to the first people to contact me asking to buy (@eolai on twitter and LiamDalyArt on Facebook). See below for payment details.

€185 SOLD
40cm x 30cm

W [...]

24 Hours in November

NOTE: Scroll down for the gallery of all the paintings. They’re down the bottom, and all are sold (Photo-owners had first refusal)
When I was 14, fueled by a revival in the charts led by Showaddywaddy, Darts, Matchbox, and Rocky Sharpe & the Replays, several friends and I were rather fond of 1950s music. None of [...]

100 Paintings 1 Day

UPDATE: The Aftermath
The event is over. None of the paintings will be sold without checking with their respective photo owners first. You can now see all the paintings and the story of their creation
The Idea
To do 100 paintings in 24 hours, each painting based on a photograph supplied by 1 of 100 people on twitter [...]

Changing A Painting

Sometimes paintings flow from start to finish, in what feels like one sweeping movement - regardless of whether it takes hours or months. But other times they stall. They may take several wrong turns or may just end up at one point, a seeming cul-de-sac from which the end appears to be just over the [...]

Commissions 2013

Due to the backlog of existing commissions and slow rate of finishing paintings this year, no new commissions will be taken on until April 2014 at the soonest - and likely to be later than then. That means I’m not in a position to do any commissions for Christmas 2013.
I’m aiming to have almost all [...]

21 Miniature Irish Landscape Paintings

21 Miniature Landscape Paintings of Ireland
9cm x 6.55cm (3.5ins x 2.5ins), Card/Paper
€35 each
Shipping/Packing €2 globally
11 paintings of Clew Bay in Mayo, 3 paintings of Bantry Bay in Cork, 4 paintings of Carrowmore Lake in Mayo, and a painting of the Magillicuddy’s Reeks in Kerry, a hill in Kerry, and of the Shannon estuary.

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This [...]