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The 2015 #100Paintings1Day

The 3rd (and final) annual ‘100 Paintings 1 Day’ is on from 6pm Friday Dec 4th 2015 to 6pm Saturday Dec 5th 2015 - but there’s a difference this year.

The Idea?
To try and do, live on video, 100 paintings in 24 hours, each painting based on a photograph supplied by its owner on twitter

From now until the event tweet a photo with the hashtag #100paintings1day. I’ll collect them and then in a 24-hour period I’ll try and do as many paintings as possible based on photos submitted.

Different this year?
I’d like your photos to be submitted before the 24 hours begin - any time from now in fact. This is one of a series of measures (you don’t need to know the others) aimed to minimise the amount of dead airtime on video (from retrieving & choosing photos to washing brushes, putting out paint, and even waiting for paint to dry).

Just me painting. Like the first 2 years, Andreea will be my organisational help in the (temporary) studio.

The link to the live video stream (I hope) will be posted on my twitter account (@eolai) and Andreea’s (@brandalisms) - as will all progress/activity.

About the photos
I’d like the photo to be yours so there’s no issue with copyright given that I’m going to attempt to do a painting based on it. I’m only accepting photo submissions through posting it on twitter (not email, facebook, or any other channel) so that everyone watching can - at least in theory - see the photos I’m basing the paintings on as well as the paintings themselves. Photos won’t be chosen in order they were submitted, they’ll be chosen based on whatever I think I can do at the time of painting, though there’s a better chance of me seeing the photo the earlier it’s submitted. Photos can be submitted during the 24 hours but I expect most paintings to be based on photos submitted prior to the 24 hours.
It may take a little time but when I or Andrea favourite/like your photo it means it’s been seen and added to the pot for consideration during the 24 hours where my instinct will take over.

About the paintings
They’ll be fast. Ideally done in 15 minutes each. But probably longer. They’ll be done on mount board approximately 28cm x 20cm. Most likely they’ll be landscapes (incl streetscapes) or you can just look at the paintings done in last year and the paintings done the year before to see what I painted last times. If they’re any use they’ll be offered for sale afterwards, with first refusal to the photo submitter at the same prices as last year. There’s no requirement or expectation that the photo submitter buy the painting afterwards.

100 paintings, seriously?
In Year One I did a paltry 43, and in Year Two I did a meagre 29. But yes, I’m still going to try and do the mythical 100 yet I still won’t declare a painting finished until the painting is finished.

For sale?
It’s not done for money but people whose photos were used for paintings, as a thank you for playing along, will be offered first refusal on ‘their’ painting at €35. There is no requirement whatsoever, or even expectation, that they will. If they don’t take up the option then I’ll offer it to the general public at €45.

For charity?
No. I don’t want the responsibility. Also I don’t have an income, and while #100Paintings1Day isn’t about money, should it make any I could use it.

That’s explained fully in my account of the first #100Paintings1Day event.

You can help the project be a success by submitting a photo and/or spreading the word by blogging, RT-ing, emailing, facebooking, talking etc.

So you’re back painting now?
No. Give or take a couple of hours it’s 7 months since I’ve painted and this is just a once-off return to painting. The hiatus will then continue until further notice.

The final #100Paintings1Day?
3 is a good number. There’ll be other painting projects we can do together.

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  1. Ruth says:

    Hi Liam - whenever the back has recovered and the paint dried I’d love to buy the painting you did of my photo. Just let me know how to get cash to you! Thanks Ruth

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