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And There We Have To Leave It

For now I’m calling it a hiatus, but it may be much more.

It’s time for me to call an end to the business of art.

All outstanding commissions will be honoured, going back to #paintingtour and beyond, and until there’s a new income source there may be a handful of new paintings, but as a business the painting is ending.

It’s a question of time more than money, and the loss of the studio with the hit on time that’s caused pushed things over the edge.

I had planned to do a 3rd and final #100paintings1day this year - with significant changes to the previous years - but that too is now cancelled. Should time, space, and the other resources necessary, become available later this year then I may drop back into active service to resurrect it.

Money of course won’t hurt, so my shop of prints, cards and other goods with reproductions of about 200 of my paintings remains open - and willing.

Other than that all I have to say is that it is the business of art I’m stopping; I’m not giving up the making of marks nor the painting in my head of the images that swim there - I wouldn’t know how to.

And to thank you.


  1. michela says:

    So sorry to hear this. Over last cupla years I have loved seeing your paintings on twitter. Hoping you find new role that brings you happiness & maybe will see you back on the twitters with new work in the future!

  2. loreal says:

    Saddens me greatly too. Youre an amazing artist. I wish the art business wasnt what it is

  3. Martha says:


  4. Stan says:

    I’m really sorry to read this, and I can’t imagine how you’re feeling about it. Only last weekend I was in Barna Woods pointing out a tree to a friend and telling them about the time you painted it for me live on the internet along with several dozen others in a 24-hour blitz. I hope the tide turns for you.

  5. Hi Liam, I hadnt fully realized this about the business end of things. I had gotten the written word about your studio. I am wishing you well and for a small studio wherever you may be. How are you doing?

    T O B

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