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One Day of Painting - 2014

Here are the paintings done during this year’s 24-hour event. It’s a lot less than last year’s (29 versus 43), for reasons I won’t bore you with. Enormous thanks go to my help in the studio, Andreea (@brandalisms), and for single-handedly setting up and making the video possible, to Dave Bolger of Devhaus.

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For Sale
As stated in the announcement blogpost, first refusal on each of the paintings goes to their respective photo owners for €35. I’ll contact each one and if they don’t wish to take up the offer the painting of the photo they submitted will go on sale to the general public at €45.

To pay me people can use cash if collecting from my studio in Ranelagh in Dublin, or they can pay by bank transfer, by cheque, or by postal order. If postage is required I’ll post to anywhere in the world for €2. I’m only at the studio a couple of times a week so contact me for time as well as location details.

If you’re a glutton for punishment you can watch me limp over the line, as the final four hours are preserved on Youtube:

Thank You
This is a much shorter blogpost than last year, but I enjoyed it just as much and I am very grateful to everyone who watched, tweeted, encouraged, and of course - submitted photographs. Thank you.

1. If I do decide to go ahead with a 3rd (and final) event next year, there will be major changes to prevent many of the problems that I failed to fix this time.

2. I’ve decided on a couple of painting projects involving all the unused photos of last year and this year. When they come to be I’ll alert the respective photo-owners.


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