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Auction of Irish Painting for IBA09 Charities

My painting Rosmuc, An Aill Bhuí is being auctioned for the charities associated with the 2009 Irish Blog Awards.
UPDATE: Auction is now over - thank you to everybody for bidding and supporting.

(click to enlarge)
Auction: on eBay
(item No: 270350421009)
The painting was exhibited at the Awards in the fabulous Cork International Airport Hotel, and the auction for [...]

Which Original Irish Painting to Auction for Charity?

As an thank you for my participation in the 2009 Irish Blog Awards at the very wonderderful Cork International Airport Hotel, there is an auction to benefit the charities associated with the ‘09 Awards.
I had wanted to give the winner of the auction a choice from one of these 5 paintings that were exhibited at [...]

Of Blog Awards and Paintings

This is not a review of the Awards; way too much happened and I’m way too tired to even begin to address a superb weekend. It’s understandable that those who aren’t present at the Awards focus on the results but the event is really about so much more. That is its strength, but I want [...]


For those waiting to see who won the latest free painting thing I ran, the answer to the question of how many paintings I exhibited at the Irish Blog Awards is 17.
17 was chosen by Patricia, who can now choose a painting from the prizepool. I believe I promised to add in at least another [...]

If You See Me at the Blog Awards

If you see me at the 2009 Irish Blog Awards, I’ll be the one with too much hair eating my own beard.
I have some paintings going on display so you may be wondering who I am. It may appear that I am not smiling, but that’s because I’m miserable and don’t like people. [...]

Painting Giveaway #3

The first correct answer (left as comment on this post), or the earliest closest if nobody gets it right, wins their choice of painting from the prizepool of paintings. I think there’s 14 paintings in there now and I intend to add to it during this competition, but it’s a busy week - which brings [...]

Painting Exhibition at the Irish Blog Awards

There will be an exhibition of my latest paintings at the 2009 Irish Blog Awards in Cork on February 21st.
The Awards take place at the Cork International Airport Hotel, a hotel described as “almost sci-fi in its ambience” which is reason enough for me to be excited about the show, but even better is that [...]

Painting-in-Progress: Stone Cottage

This painting of a stone cottage in the west of Ireland (I promise, I’ll get to painting cottages in the east of Ireland in time) is from a couple of days ago. Or maybe it was yesterday. Most of these days are a cold sleepless blur.
Anyway since then it has advanced and is now only [...]

Twitter Mugs with Followers/Followees Available

Fans of my twitter mug will be pleased to know that, courtesy of the man who came up with the idea, you can now order your own Twitter mug featuring a mosaic of your followers or of those you follow.

Free Painting #2 - Winner

For the 2nd painting giveaway here on, I asked a question that, like the 1st question, was guessable but if you fancied doing some serious homework (or were a reader with a freakish memory of my site IrishKC) you’d have a better chance of getting closer to the answer.
Question: In USD what is the [...]