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Painting Exhibition at the Irish Blog Awards

There will be an exhibition of my latest paintings at the 2009 Irish Blog Awards in Cork on February 21st.

The Awards take place at the Cork International Airport Hotel, a hotel described as “almost sci-fi in its ambience” which is reason enough for me to be excited about the show, but even better is that when architect Henrik Frischgesell designed the hotel he stated he really wanted the CIAH to be an art hotel.

Other artists which have shown at the hotel include Neal Greig and Isobel Henihan.

So far as I can tell at this point, the paintings I’ll be showing will be landscapes and cityscapes. Although certainly not complete, probably the best place to have a look at previous paintings of mine is on the Irish Paintings page on Irish KC.

Getting ready for this show is the reason for the relatively quiet start to life here on and it’s also impacted my output on American Hell and Irish KC. Painting in these temperatures is a slow affair. If you feel the need for a closer look at my progress, there is always twitter

To coincide with the build up to the show in Cork, I’ll run another free painting competition - so keep an eye out, though you will find more exciting things going on in the week building up to the awards.

In April I have another show, in Dublin, which I’ll post details of after the IBAs.

If you’d like to say hello to me in Cork, being a stereotype I’ll be sporting rather a lot of hair.


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  2. manuel says:

    dog-dog is staring at me……it unnerves me and makes me sad…..

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