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Peoples Art, Dublin September 2010

I’ll be exhibiting some new paintings on Stephen’s Green, on September 24-26, 2010, in the last of the 3 People’s Art exhibitions that are held every summer in Dublin.
The People’s Art exhibition is held on the railings of 3 sides of Stephen’s Green (where the Luas is, the west side, is not used).
This time [...]

Art Show by Bicycle

Recently I showed some paintings at the People’s Art Exhibition on Stephen’s Green, Dublin. I won’t list all the items this time but paintings, packaging, tools, tea, stool, and everything needed to show the paintings on the railings, were all transported from my studio in Lucan the 15km (9.5 miles) or so to the city [...]

New Irish Paintings

Here are the new paintings that were exhibited at the recent Intonations Art Exhibition in the 2009 Rathmines Festival. All paintings are of Irish scenes.
I’ll add the paintings here one at a time as I post them, so you might want to refresh regularly, or keep an eye on my Twitter updates.

    • Rosmuc: Ag [...]

Rathmines Festival Art Exhibition

Some paintings of mine are on display this weekend at the 2009 Rathmines Festival in Dublin.
It’s a group show and takes place in the Swan Centre from noon until 7pm starting on Thursday, April 23 and ending on Sunday, April 26, 2006.
If you’re not familiar with Rathmines, the Swan Centre is a shopping centre on [...]

IBA ‘09 Paintings Sale

These are the paintings that were exhibited in the Cork International Airport Hotel at the 2009 Irish Blog Awards.
Click on the paintings for larger views and payment details.

Pegli (30×30ins, 1,150 EUR)
Elevator, Sunday (40×30ins, 950 EUR)

Ballina II SOLD(16×12ins)
Waterford SOLD(16×12ins)

Sheep, Stone Wall SOLD (10×10ins, 90 EUR)
Cliffs of Moher III SOLD (10×10ins)

Stone Cottage SOLD (24×12ins, [...]

Short Sale Starts Tomorrow

The paintings that were exhibited at the Irish Blog Awards will be put online for sale tomorrow, Wednesday, March 4, 2009 at the same prices they were shown at in Cork, and then on Monday, March 9 I’ll end the sale and increase the prices by about 20%.
There were 17 paintings exhibited at the 2009 [...]

Auction of Irish Painting for IBA09 Charities

My painting Rosmuc, An Aill Bhuí is being auctioned for the charities associated with the 2009 Irish Blog Awards.
UPDATE: Auction is now over - thank you to everybody for bidding and supporting.

(click to enlarge)
Auction: on eBay
(item No: 270350421009)
The painting was exhibited at the Awards in the fabulous Cork International Airport Hotel, and the auction for [...]

Of Blog Awards and Paintings

This is not a review of the Awards; way too much happened and I’m way too tired to even begin to address a superb weekend. It’s understandable that those who aren’t present at the Awards focus on the results but the event is really about so much more. That is its strength, but I want [...]


For those waiting to see who won the latest free painting thing I ran, the answer to the question of how many paintings I exhibited at the Irish Blog Awards is 17.
17 was chosen by Patricia, who can now choose a painting from the prizepool. I believe I promised to add in at least another [...]

If You See Me at the Blog Awards

If you see me at the 2009 Irish Blog Awards, I’ll be the one with too much hair eating my own beard.
I have some paintings going on display so you may be wondering who I am. It may appear that I am not smiling, but that’s because I’m miserable and don’t like people. [...]