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IBA ‘09 Paintings Sale

These are the paintings that were exhibited in the Cork International Airport Hotel at the 2009 Irish Blog Awards.

Click on the paintings for larger views and payment details.

painting of Pegli by Genoa
(30×30ins, 1,150 EUR)
painting of an Elevator on a Sunday
Elevator, Sunday
(40×30ins, 950 EUR)
painting of Ballina in Mayo
Ballina II SOLD
painting of Waterford City
Waterford SOLD
painting of a sheep and a stone wall
Sheep, Stone Wall SOLD
(10×10ins, 90 EUR)
painting of cliffs of moher
Cliffs of Moher III SOLD
painting of an Irish Stone Cottage
Stone Cottage SOLD
(24×12ins, 150 EUR)
painting of The Claddagh in Glaway
The Claddagh SOLD
(20×16ins, 150 EUR)
painting of Genoa in Italy
Genoa SOLD
painting of Irish stone walls and grass not so green
Stone Walls and the Grass is Green II
(16×12ins, 100 EUR)
painting of Ireland, mostly pink
Ireland, Pink and Blue SOLD
painting of Rosmuc in connemara
Rosmuc, An Aill Bhuí
(24×8ins, AUCTIONED for charity)
painting of Water Tower in American midwest
Water Tower SOLD at IBA ‘09
painting of Kenmare in Kerry
Kenmare SOLD at IBA ‘09

I’ve left out 3 paintings previously seen before.

Some of these paintings were also subsequently shown, along with newer paintings, at the Intonations Art Exhibition in the 2009 Rathmines Festival.

If you have any questions you can leave a comment below or contact me by email to eolai [at] irishkc [dot] com, or even better, through twitter @eolai


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