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A Look Inside My Studio

My studio is a loft in a stableyard in Dublin West. Close to the border with Kildare, it is located on a country estate overlooking the Liffey.

Update [March 2010]: See an audio slideshow video of me in my studio

Update [August 2009]: An album of photos of the interior and exterior of my studio is now posted.

I work best with plenty of space, and as this photo from November 2008 shows with my stuff mostly still in the boxes that I packed in America over a year earlier, my studio does have space.
Inside my studio

But even without unpacking most stuff, I do tend to fill the space fairly quickly. This was taken on Saturday gone, but it’s been looking like this for 2 months now:
Inside my studio

I’ve partly erected my art tent in there for, em, organisational reasons. It’s 10ft x 10ft and not as dark as this suggests:
Under The Tent

Like most boxes of art materials, my boxes of art books are not yet unpacked:
Books and Doors
That’s plexiglass in the loading doorway; it left one windy night in an Omen-like flight. The landlord is currently making a heavy duty door. He has put that internal wall and door in since I moved in, and installed a shower and toilet on the other side.

This is the sink corner, still awaiting the sink, but it has all those groovy pipes whatever they do. Please don’t tell me what the pipes do - I hate pipes as much as I hate wires.
sink corner
There is a sink in the jax, which has made making tea a lot handier than heading outside to the taps in the yard, but a deeper sink specifically for the studio is on the way.

Much as I like the location of the studio, and its windows, I spend practically no time looking out them instead preferring to walk around the studio and looking at paintings in progress from different distances:
View from under tent

The plan is to make it hospitable for visitors, as quite a few people have expressed an interest in visiting. It will be a lot more manageable when all the boxes of art materials are unpacked and the contents shelved. I have a couch going in, around which I will organise the art display bins, art books, and drinks cabinet.

I’ll let you know when it’s in good shape for visiting.

Oh, and when I say drinks cabinet, I mean cooler.

Have a look at the beautiful exterior of the studio and the stableyard it’s situated in.

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  2. At last!

    Don’t mind me, I’m just going to poke around a bit-get a feel for the place.

  3. Medbh says:

    Love Dog-Dog at the side!
    Looks fab, Eolai!

  4. Sniffle&Cry says:

    Like the new name and , “lurve the new look” .

    Best of luck with all this re-organisation.

    And dem boxes. Will they ever be opened?

  5. Love the new pad - May the muse dwell therein :-)

  6. ….and what kind of tea is it you’re planning on making in this fine looking studio? Only, I cannae stand that co-op own brand.

  7. savannah says:

    how cool are you, sugar? congratulations on the new space! xoxo

  8. manuel says:

    so so much space…… of luck with all that

  9. E gan F says:

    Sugar - Nose away. Be careful with your step though, and mind your head going into the tent.

    Medbh - Thanks so much. I do think a dog is a lot easier on the eye than my mug.

    Sniffle - The boxes will be opened, they will, they will. I have a couple of events coming up that have me preoccupied with painting using just the bare minimum, but somewhere before too long I’ll get shelving and packing. Thanks for the compliments.

    PaddyAnglican - Indeed, that would be nice. Thanks for that.

    Jimmy - In the studio I have Barry’s Classic Blend, loose leaf, and for backup, Barry’s Gold Blend in bags. Backup is for when it’s too cold to make the expedition to empty the leaves.

    Savannah - Very cool most nights, close to freezing in fact, and below a couple of times. But thank you very much.

    Manuel - I can’t walk anywhere without bumping into paintings though, and not because I’m especially clumsy. Thank you.

  10. Annie says:

    Great space! I’m always so jealous of people who have studios. I’d like one myself but I don’t really do anything to justify having one seems everything I do is on my laptop.

  11. I’m still trying to adjust to the “E gan F” moniker. Leave it with me. I’ll be back.

  12. martha says:

    Welcome home, Eolai. When do you think the first open studio show and sale might be? Send me an invite—I’ll be there in spirit.

  13. E gan F says:

    Annie - get a projector for your laptop, and then you’ll need a studio for the space to, well, project. And surely bathtubs full of milky stuff and nilky women must take up some space?

    Primal - There’s a very good reason for that, a negative reason of course. I was tempted to go just with E but I like Eels too much so that would be like suddenly referring to myself as John Lennon. And I feared if I dropped the F so I was just without (ha ha), that people would lose the other space and convert me into Egan.

    Martha - thank you very much. Studio show? It can’t be until the summer anyway because there’s a couple of things that will occupy me before then which I’ll get to talking about soon. Thanks for reminding me to start thinking about it though.

  14. Hangar Queen says:

    Lovely space there boss.

    Lovely space here too…very clean,very like longtime.

    Paintings arrived the other day.Framer person has been alerted.

  15. Conan Drumm says:

    Wear it well, EolaĆ­. It’s a fantastic space.

    I do hope you’ve got some form of heating and insulation to keep the worst of the cold and damp out and get you through to May.

  16. AnDisOganF says:

    The Mantlepiece Dog… or no?

  17. E gan F says:

    Hangar Queen - Good to hear. And thanks for nice sayings. At least this space should stay sleek and clean. I think.

    Conan - Thank you, I hope I will. Fantastic it is, but you can’t have everything so no, I have no heating or insulation beyond what I wear. The cold and damp runs riot. I have a gentleman’s agreement with the landlord not to run an electric heater as he’s covering the bill, and I can’t afford to run a gas thing. I do cold well but it’s fair to say that I’m really looking forward to May. March, even.

    AnDisOganF - Yes. Pesky dogs are climbing on mantlepieces.

  18. TheChrisD says:

    Hmmm, another feed to add to my already growing and spiralling way out of control feed list…

    Hope this won’t be the straw to break the gamer’s much older than really should be back!

  19. E gan F says:

    TheChrisD - If it is that straw, please do let me know; that would be kind of exciting. I do hear you though, as for years I was happily subscribed to hundreds of feeds, and then one day the happiness wasn’t there any more.

  20. Ladyrobinson says:

    I work at home and writing can be done but I need a place to hide. Can you give me a corner? I love it.

  21. E gan F says:

    Lady R - you’d have to bring your coat. And be very quiet. I especially like my corners. Should I be scared of whatever you’re hiding from?

  22. Jim Hulsey says:

    Hey: Do you have some pictures of the outside of your studio? I have some 25 personal letters of an Irish artist and author “James Reynolds”, and some 25 or more post cards he wrote to a lady friend in Hollywood Ca back in the ’40s and ’50s. The post-cards are of various places throughout the world that he wrote about. Would you be interested in them? I would like to sell them so I can pay some bills. I would send them to you if you like to inspect.If you would not be interested, could you possibly direct me to someone who might? Thanks for your valuable time. Sincerely: Jim Hulsey 1421 Broadway St. Larned, Ks. 67550 Phone: 620-804-2573

  23. E gan F says:

    Jim - I do have pictures of the outside of the studio, and I’ll be putting them in a post - or even two - soon. It’s in a beautiful setting as far as I’m concerned and most people who’ve seen the photos think so too.

    Regarding the letters and postcards, I’m afraid I’m not in the buying market myself being a steotypical struggling artist but I’ll have a think for you and see if I know of anyone who might be interested in them. Thanks.

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  30. hmm this is a pretty awesome post i must say

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