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Painting: From Grattan Bridge

From Grattan Bridge
16″ x 12″
Grattan Bridge I’ve painted from several angles and I’m not sure which is my favourite view, but I do like the hippocamp lamps. Growing up I assumed the view east along the river would never change. That was before the IFSC, the Millenium Bridge, the Boardwalk, and George’s Quay Plaza.

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People’s Art, Dublin 2010

I’ll be exhibiting at the People’s Art in Dublin on the weekend June 25-27, 2010.
The exhibition is on the 3 sides of Stephen’s Green that don’t have the Luas alongside them. You can find me on the north side - the side across the road from the Shelbourne - in position 83. Update: This is [...]

Transporting an Office on a Bicycle

As I was saying, I love my XtraCycle. This photo was taken on the way to the studio.
In this picture, apart from the chair the bike is carrying the computer bag, a pair of boots, spare clothes, camera bag, lunch bags, cushions, a jacket, 2 litres of milk, some tubs of stuff, tools, locks, etc. [...]

Paintings in Progress

Some paintings in progress at the moment. Some have been on the go for some time and are long overdue, others are more recently started. With momentum restored, all should now be coming to completion shortly. Next exhibition is on June 25-27 2010 at the People’s Art on Stephen’s Green, Dublin.

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Photo: Daisy Thing, Rain

People have asked me if looking at the great plains of America from the saddle of a bicycle is boring. Truth be told they don’t usually ask, they tell me - in a very insistent tone.
I can’t convince them otherwise, but when the grasses, crops, and wild flowers, are dripping in rainwater, there are few [...]

Photo: Blue Rain

A photograph that says home to me. In any decade, notwithstanding the lack of smoke on buses these days.
I love Dublin in the rain. And I love it even more when you can’t see it because of the rain.

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Heading down towards Banner was heading into a green wall of mountains. I could see no way through at all and was getting more and more apprehensive about the climb up. At least there was very little traffic.
Everything had turned green and luscious. The Banner Grade is the twisting road up to Julian from [...]


As ever in the desert fighter jets scream overhead. The sun, I watched rise and paint the surrounding mountains various colours. I can hear birds all around. The greater valley is called Earthquake Valley with the Pinyon Mountains to the north and Granite Mountain behind me to the south. In a few miles I reach [...]